Xmas & New Year Special Offer

15% OFF on 2019's Bestsellers!

Here we are, gifts preparation is done and the last Christmas orders placed before December 16th are on their way to our customers’ Christmas trees. It is almost the big day and it is now time to think about the good resolutions to hold during the new coming year.

On KuSakuraShop’s end, 2019 has been a very enriching year marked by some changes and novelties. But now, it is time for resolutions and to think about the new coming year new projects.

In order to get this new decade off to a great start, KuSakuraShop is offering you 15% discount on 2019’s bestsellers. A Judogi for your forthcoming competitions, a brand new embroidered belt or a KuSakura bag to transport all your equipment, everything you need to perform the best on the mats. Please note that this offer will only run until January 7, 2020, 10 am (JPT).

2019 Report

The year really started in February, when KuSakuraShop held a booth at the Grand Slam in Paris. We were actually quite proud to see that the Kodokan stand presented KuSakura’s product as their official equipment.

This very same month, the jewel of KuSakura’s high-end Judogi line, the famous Dojin Master was released online, followed the next month by the JOV and the JNV.

The best Judogi, the Dojin Master

The famous Dojin Master now available online!

May saw Emperor Akihito’s abdication, who decided to pass the throne down to his eldest son the current Emperor Naruhito. Following this unprecedented move KuSakuraShop took 10 days off, but this one-in-a-lifetime event was extremely pleasant to live for all the team.

Summer began with KuSakura’s Karategi release. Four high-end models, for the greatest benefit of our fellow Karateka. These new products were also in a way, a confirmation of our will to provide more martial arts communities (other than Judo) with high quality equipment.

The World Judo Championships took place in August in Tokyo, and we naturally couldn’t circumvent this major event. KuSakura was there to hold a booth and once again, we were able to meet our customers providing them with high quality products, in the country that saw the birth of our brand as well as of Judo. Some pictures are available on our official Facebook page.

KuSakura’s booth during the worlds

KuSakura's booth during the Judo World Championships

Moreover, the summer season was the occasion for our staff to work on many projects that will be released very soon or that are already online, such as the blog which the team work keeps working hard on to improve the customer experience on KuSakuraShop.

The KuSakuraShop blog

More information regarding your favorite Judogi on The KuSakuraShop Blog!

In October, it was the turn of KuSakura’s Sauna Suits as well as the Kendo referee kit to be on the spotlights. Furthermore, the birthday of Judo's founding father was a great occasion for us to undertake a focus on his life and his accomplishments, an article that you can find on our blog.

The Sauna Suits available on KuSakuraShop

The perfect equipment for athletes

During the two last month of the year, we were quite focused on KuSakuraShop’s #BFCM and Christmas preparations.

In 2020 on KuSakuraShop!

A lot of new products will be released really soon on KuSakuraShop, which will allow us to extend our product lines to more martial arts and to offer our products to more Budo practitioners.

Several publications will be released on the KuSakuraShop blog. Some will be quite technical such as our newest released about the Sashiko fabric used in the conception of your favorite Judogi, and some other will be lighter but will always deal with KuSakura’s activity or with other martial arts in general. Finally, the creation of our blog allowed us to improve the global customer experience on KuSakuraShop and we naturally wish to keep up on this path.

All in all, our wish remains to offer the best quality of products to our customers, but we would also like to go further and offer them a whole experience to live with KuSakura.

As usual during this period of the year and to start the new decade on a sound basis, our team will take some well deserved days off from December 31st to February 5th. All shipping will be suspended during this period, but you will still be able to place your orders and our team will bring some homework and will still answer your message.

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