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Kyudo - Accessories

Kyūdō (弓道) refers to the traditional Japanese martial art of archery. Even though Japan has a very long story with archery, the emergence of the art takes its origins with the Samurai and the changing society. During this period, the military class became increasingly predominant and the requirement for strong archery education followed as the need for archers grew drastically in the different clans. The concept of Kyūdō as the form of art we know nowadays starts to appear during the Edo era (1603–1868), when monks started to practice Kyūjutsu (the skill of bow) implementing in it a real martial art philosophy.

KuSakura's Kyudo range focuses on high-end quivers, chest protector and divers accessories essential for the Kyudo practice.

Please note that the minimum order amount on KuSakuraShop is $ 40.00. Therefore, certain accessories can not be ordered as a single unit.

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  • Custom Made Turkey Feathers Arrows

    ¥31,900 JPY ~ ¥32,670 JPY

    Duraluminum (aluminum/copper alloy)
    30 different colors
    7 arrow length and style of arrows available | From 80 cm to 110 cm
    Sold in set of 6 arrows
    Controlled according to KuSakura's quality standards
    Made to order: ~4 weeks

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  • Synthetic Leather Quiver

    ¥6,930 JPY ~ ¥10,450 JPY

    Synthetic Leather | Traditionnal Quiver
    Colors: Blue, Black & Wine
    Made in Japan
    Weight: approx.650 g
    Can carry 10, 20 or 30 arrows.
    Bottom part and stitches reinforced.
    Made to order: ~8 working days

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  • Giriko Container (Giriko-ire)

    ¥1,045 JPY

    Material: Plastic polymer
    Made in Japan
    Dimensions : 56 mm x 27 mm
    Controlled accordingly with KuSakura's quality standards
    At warehouse: preparation ~8 working days

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  • Shiro Giriko Kyudo Powder

    ¥390 JPY

    Material: Cryptomeria and pine resin
    Made in Japan
    Weight: 10 g
    Controlled accordingly with KuSakura's quality standards
    At warehouse: preparation ~8 working days

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  • Plastic/rattan Tsurumaki

    ¥1,050 JPY ~ ¥3,190 JPY

    Material : Plastic or Rattan
    Made in Japan
    Inner diameter: 7.5 cm
    Outer diameter: 13.5 cm
    Ideal for all Kyudo practitioners to coil their bowstrings
    Out of Stock
    Next availability: ~

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