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KuSakuraShop offers credit card payments for all orders, and national bank transfer to customers who have a bank account in Japan.
You always pay in the displayed currency. If you switch from USD to EUR, you will pay in EUR at checkout.

Credit card payment

Payment via Stripe logos
  • This is the easiest payment method on KuSakuraShop: You simply need a credit card.
  • Accepted cards: MasterCards, Visa and American Express. (Disposable/one-time-use/Ecards for which fraud prevention checks cannot be performed cannot be accepted for international payments).
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay: will be displayed at checkout for compatible devices.
  • Currency of payment: the currency selected at the time of the order.
  • Debit from your bank account: immediate (can take a few days depending on your account details).
  • Fraud protection: at the highest level. Check the section below.
  • Security level: PCI level 1, highest security available on the market.
  • Storage of credit card information: Your credit card information will not be stored. The payment information will be forwarded to your bank, accepting or declining the authorization and from there, the information is deleted. Kept are only the last 4 digits of the card number.

Payments are processed by Shopify, with Stripe's technology. Shopify is the world number one ecommerce solutions provider, with the highest security level possible.

Refusal of your payment - what can you do?

Prepaid credit card refused

Because Shopify/Stripe have set up a very strict anti-fraud control system, it can happen that payments are refused without apparent reason. These are the most frequent problems and how to solve them:

  • Payment by E-credit card (or disposable card): Since it is not possible to perform the necessary ID checks for these cards, they are not accepted.
    The solution: Use another card.
  • Geographic Verification: our system performs a check of your geographic location at the time of payment / billing address and may contact the issuing country of your card. Some so-called "risky" combinations are not allowed.
    In this case, please contact us so that we can find a solution together.
  • History check: If your credit card has already had problems with fraud or has been subject to bank suspension, your card may be refused.
    In this case, contact us to find a solution.
  • Internet connection: As anti-fraud third parties survey your internet connection, the usage of software hiding your data (e.g. anonymous connection), can interpreted as potential risk. Deactivate all programs preventing tje plateform from verifying your location. Also, if using a public network, try again from a secure connection.
  • Browser activity: anti-fraud systems are alerted if you open a different website in a new tab during the payment process as his can be interpreted as fraud risk. The simple solution is to wait until the payment is processed before browsing other websites.

You still cannot process the payment? Contact your bank to make sure that you have the necessary authorization to process an international payment online.
After receiving your bank's confirmation, contact us and we'll search for a solution together.

Are credit card payments secure?

Of course! Shopify (Powered By Stripe) is the world number one payment platform designed to accept credit card payment directly within the seller's website. The very advanced technology Stripe offers combined to our super secured checkout page provides the best security you can imagine today. Stripe is also the main payment processor for Shopify, the largest and most secured online store provider in the world.
However, please make sure on your end to avoid any trouble with your card, here are some tips on how to avoid the most frequent security issues:

Payment Security
  • Do not use your credit card (e.g. place an order) through public Wi-Fi, internet cafes etc.
  • Never click on any link you may find in emails (except from the receipt you receive right after your payment). Please ignore any suspicious emails links and invitations asking for sensitive information like your password and credit card information. It is a common method to hack your personal information. It is called "phishing".
  • What might be the most common way though to get your credit card information is from your card itself, when leaving it unwatched. (e.g. have a picture taken behind the counter when paying etc.). Always keep your card on sight.

Pricing & Currency of payment

Currency Exchange logos

Our prices are set in Japanese Yen.
But you will always pay in the selected currency.

All prices shown on our website in a currency other than the Japanese YEN are subject to fluctuations of the exchange rate and can vary two times a day.
Twice a day, our system checks the exchange rate with all the currencies we made available on our website, and when a significant variation happens, prices are automatically updated.
There is a 2% currency exchange fee included, and all prices are rounded up to the higher 5 cents (99.51 is rounded 99.55).

Other payment methods

National bank transfer

If you wish your order to be delivered in Japan and prices are set to JPY, you will be able to select National bank transfer at checkout. We will only accept transfers from Japanese bank.
Non approved international transfers will be refused and returned to the sender.

International bank transfer

International bank transfers are subject to significant costs: 4,000 YEN+ for a single payment. For this reason, we do not accept transfers for orders less than 150,000 YEN. Bank charges will be added to the amount of your order. Please contact us, if you wish to obtain a quote adapted to this means of payment.


As of October 2020, KuSakuraShop has decided to no longer work with PayPal until further notice.
This decision is motivated by 4 points:
- PayPal's decision to no longer reimburse the 4% payment fee charged to us, whether in the event of a full or partial refund, or in the case of a cancellation of payment for risk of fraud. In addition, this decision came in the midst of the covid19 crisis, at the exact moment international transport was paralyzed, forcing many shops to cancel a significant number of orders (conversely, most of the other platforms have offered support to small businesses).
- PayPal's decision to remove large account "managers", then to remove specific merchant support, depriving us of any possibility of contacting a human being specializing in commercial matters.
- The fact that PayPal was banned by 2 major Japanese banks (including one of KuSakuraShop's banks) in September 2020.
- PayPal's terms of sale allow them to keep control over all the money received for 6 months without any form of control over their decision making.

By check

This payment method is not accepted in Japan.

Western Union (and similar services)

These services are subject to high fees and strict regulations in Japan, therefore we cannot accept this type of payment.

Part payments

Note that fractional payments (in installments) are not accepted.

Payment on delivery

Is unfortunately not available for international shipments.
And we do not accept this payment method for orders delivered in Japan at this moment.

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