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Most of the information below is available in detail all through the website. However, this FAQ can help you find quick answers to your questions and show you where to find more information in the various sections of the site. Just click on the question to display the answer!



How can I order online?

The site KuSakuraShop.com was especially designed for KuSakura products. The Judogi (Kimono), the Obi (belt) and weapons are available on modules that allow you to create your own customized set. The first tab (screen) of each module provides you with information regarding the product itself. On the second, you can add optional customizations (embroidery/engraving) and the third summarizes your set and you can add it to your cart.

Once all desired products are added to the cart, just click the icon "cart" at the top right of the website, check the content of your order and finally click on "submit my order". You will then be asked to enter your email and shipping address. Finally you choose your payment method. The order is validated once the payment is confirmed.

After that you will receive an order confirmation email. If your order takes more than 3 days to get shipped, you will receive another email informing you about the estimated shipping date of your order. A third email with the trakcing number of your package confirms the shipment your order.

If you chose to create an account, you can always check the status of your oder by logging in to your account.

Can I order by email, phone, or fax?

For logistical reasons, it is not possible to order by phone or fax. However, you can order by email via our contact form.

Nevertheless, you can call us to ask questions on +81 (0)3 6311 2797 (Japan). Our sales department is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm Japan time (current time in Japan is shown at the top of the page) Our staff speaks English, French and Japanese.

Do you offer discounts for clubs/teachers/competitors?

KuSakura does not offer discounts particularly for clubs as such but on bulk orders. (see next question).

Sponsorship programs will be offered for national and international competitors. If you think you are eligible for it, please contact us and we will negotiate these partnerships.

I would like to order large quantities, how can I receive a discount voucher? (Minimum order 600$)

We offer two types of discounts:

  • Orders above $500 and with at least 5 products > between 5 to 10% discount, depending on the country of delivery.
  • Orders above $1000 and with at least 10 products > 10 to 25% discount depending on the type of product and the country of delivery.

In either case, please contact us through our contact form.

I live in Japan, how can I order online?

Our site is designed exclusively for export and our prices exclude taxes. Therefore it is neither possible to order from nor to be delivered within Japan.

However, you can use our contact form to place your order by email, we will get back to you with a quotation including taxes for a delivery within Japan.

I am in Japan, can I visit your shop?

Although we do not have a shop, we welcome all our guests wishing to meet us with great pleasure at our office. However, note that our stock is limited (you can check the product availability for more information).
You will find our address and access information ong "Google Map"

How to choose your equipment

How to choose the size of my Judogi or Obi (belt)?

We offer a detailed "size chart"for each product via the pages listed below or by passing through the menu "how to choose" on the right of the main menu. These pages will not only show the size charts but also similar products to help you make the choice. There is also a page on the latest IJF standards in case you participate in international competition.

In addition to the size charts for the JOF, JNF, JOA, JOWI and JOK models, you will find on each product page a size simulator. This tool, especially developed by our team, will automatically indicate the most suitable size according to your body measurements. (This automated process is based on the size charts.)

If you still have some unanswered questions do not hesitate to contact us..

Can I buy KuSakura products in Europe or elsewhere?

Although there are a couple of shops importing KuSakura products overseas, however, you will not be able to find a similar amount of products and sizes in English than KuSakura.com.

KuSakuraShop is also in permanent and direct contact with the workshops and warehouses of KuSakura to offer an always up to date and reliable supply.

Note that KuSakura has no official branch outside of Japan.

Shipping and Delivery

When will I receive my order?

Did you order an "in stock" product or an "order-made" product?
Is it a customized product (embroidery/engraving) or not?

  • Products marked as " in stock" are shipped within 3 days.
  • Products marked as "at warehouse" are sent to our headquarter twice per week and are shipped usually within 7-10 days.
  • Products "made to order" are manufactured within within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Products that are"customized" require an additional 3 to 4 days.

In any case, we send you an email with the estimated shipping date within 2 business days after the validation of your order.
Check the availability for each product for more information.

Note that almost all the KuSakura products are entirely handmade in Japan, it may happen that products are out of stock without prior notice. In this case, we do our best to shorten the delay.

Finally, once your has been shipped, it is usually delivered in 5-7 days.
Further shipping information and delivery information

Which carrier will deliver my order? "

We exclusively ship with FedEx for Europe and UPS for North America and Japan Post (delivery by national postal services) for small parcels. Note that you can not choose the carrier.

Find more information about the delivery.

Can I be delivered at a different address than the billing address?

No problem, you can enter different addresses during the validation process of your order (last step before confirming your order). Note that if these addresses are located in different countries we may ask you for a copy of your ID.

Package tracking: My package hops back and forth between several countries, why?

To speed up the delivery of the package especially the customs clearance process, FedEX and UPS send the documents in the country of destination before the package gets there. For this reason, your package may be indicated as "arrived in London" and "left Hong Kong" the following day. In fact, the package never left Hong Kong, this is just the customs documents being processed.

I want to modify/cancel my order

We do accept modifications if your order has not yet been processed. If your order is already in the shipping circuit (warehouses at our offices) and charges for the process have already occurred, it is not possible to neither change nor cancel the order.

If you want to add products to your order, thank you for contacting us directly by replying tho the order confirmation email. The shipment of your order will be delayed accordingly.

What are the payment methods offered on the site?

You can either pay by credit card OR by PayPal.
A PayPal account is optional to process the payment. PayPal acts as intermediary as any other bank.

However, we do recommend to use the credit card payment interface offered at checkout for standard credit card payment (without paypal account).

More "information on the payment".

My credit card was declined, what can I do?

In general this is due to the use of a "disposable" card (e-carte) or to a verification problem concerning your contact information. Please check the "payment information" page for detailed information about this issue before contacting us.

Prices are in USD, can they be displayed in a different currency?

Our prices are in fact fixed in USD for US customers. You can, however, as a rough guide display prices in YEN (JPY), EURO (EUR), CAN DOLLAR (CAD), and POUND (GBP), using the currency selector to change the currency displayed at the top right of each page. This also changes the prices within the text boxes.
Please note that the currencies other than USD are converted by an online service. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rate.

Return, Exchange and Cancellation

The size does not fit me, can I exchange the product?

  • Only standard and non-customized products can be exchanged.
  • The shipping costs back to our office and reshipping of the new product are entirely your responsibility.
    In case of a mistake of ours, of course all charges are at our expenses.

More information on "Exchange and Return""

The delivery man asks me to settle taxes, what is that?

The shipping costs are included in the product prices. These rates are displayed excluding taxes. Therefore you may get asked to pay taxes (not the shipping costs) for your purchase upon delivery by the delivery man who will charge these fees as an intermediary with the customs office. Note that we will not accept any return or refund for refusal to pay these taxes.

As export oriented company we know this subject well and optimize customs declarations to minimize these taxes.
A customs fee simulator is available in the chart. The amount shown is based on the content.

More information on the "Import/Export & Customs" page.


I want to change/delete my personal information

No problem, contact us through our contact form and we will deal with it immediately.
Note that for legal reasons, we are obliged to retain data relating to an order for a minimum of 7 years (content and value of the order, package tracking number, name and shipping address).

For more information visit the page"privacy policy".




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