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We are open from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm (Japan Time / UTC+9).
We are closed on weekends and Japanese national holidays as well as a few days mid-August for O'bon and a few days around new year.

Phone number: +81 (0)4-8437-1856
Please request assistance in English or Japanese and for which type of product to be redirected to the corresponding support staff.

Address: 351-0101 Saitama-Ken, Wako-shi, Shirako 2-27-51 - Japan
Please note that we are not a brick & mortar shop but an international support and shipping plateform.
We cannot demonstrate products or perform sales in person at our office.

  • If you wish to be delivered in Japan, please use this contact form with the details of your order and we will handle it manually and deliver you directly in Japan.
  • If you wish to see KuSakura equipment in person, we recommend going to the Tokyo Showroom: 113-0033 Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Hongo 1-12-8 (2nd floor) (Tel 070-6476-9074). English supported.
    Open 1pm - 6pm. Closed Wednesday & Thursday 5 mins walk from the Kodokan, and you're all welcome, English speaking staff available!

Who's behind the keyboard? Meet our international support staff


Gaëtan is KuSakuraShop's manager and he will answer all general questions.
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Basile is Gaëtan's backup. He will take care of your requests when Gaëtan is not available or when your questions relates to his specialities.
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Baptiste, engineer specialized in "front end", will answer questions related to the website.
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