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KuSakuraShop is a brand dedicated to the international export, managed by the company Seido Co., Ltd. Our offices as well as our entire staff are located in Tokyo. Our team consists of multilingual martial arts practitioners, who are in love with Japan.

Seido Co., Ltd. is a privileged partner of the company Hayakawa Textile Industries (aka KuSakura) since 2009, a traditional manufacturer we got to know in recent years. We analysed a large part of the market and worked with many stakeholders. It was because of this experience that we have chosen, and were chosen by, KuSakura to collaborate and contribute to the development of KuSakura worldwide.

Our main office

Our Goals and Motivation

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Our work is not limited to the export sales of KuSakura Judo equipment but also to advice and guide the brand in its communication, marketing and further also in the design of products for the international market. Thus, we have contributed to the modification of several products, the creation of additional Judogi sizes and the adjustment of certain product design elements, in direct connection with the feedback we have from our clients (and friends on the Tatami) outside Japan..

Our position as martial artists, and lovers of traditional Japan, is to offer only top quality material, with a service at the height of Japan's reputation in this field. That is why we chose to animate, to make KuSakura better known worldwide, and to supply all Judoka with the most authentic high quality equipment available today.

Read more about the history, workshops and artisans of KuSakura: the KuSakura brand.

Our Embroidery Workshop

Staff & Office

Our staff is composed of diverse personalities from various parts of the world. We are working together to make a difference, and if you are on this page, it is because you want to get to know us and what we do. If you are traveling to Japan, including a visit at the Hombu Dojo, look for us on the mats!

Jordy Delage - Seido’s founder

Seido’s founder: Jordy Delage
I'm amazed, how much my team evolved in just a few years. I enjoy the time I spend alone at the office in the morning, but it's when everyone arrives that my day really starts.

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to discover us.

My name’s Jordy Delage. I was born in France’s countryside in 1985. I’m married to Eriko, we’ve 3 kids, and we live in Tokyo’s suburb, close to our office.
I started Aikido at the age of 15, in France, in a group called “Academy Autonome d’Aikido”, affiliated with Kobayashi Hirokazu’s teaching. I moved to Japan at 19, before university, for intensive Aikido practice at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and to discover more about myself. I then decided to stay in Japan, and it took me a few years to get a university degree in Japanese language and culture (majoring in Japanese religions). I practiced a little Kendo, Judo, and Taichi, but I always got back to Aikido, experiencing different schools, e.g., Yoshinkan, Iwama, and Kobayashi Hirokazu’s style and the Aikikai, to which I belong now.

After a few years of perfecting my Japanese and my Aikido, working in many fields, I decided to create Seido to fill something I considered as a void for many foreign Aikido practitioner. I’ve always been my first customer, and I focused hard on bringing to the international Aikido community the best brands I knew. After a while, not being very satisfied by the products or the support provided by other brands, and since I knew the artisans supplying the brands, I created my own brand, Seido. Doing so, I got the opportunity to give more importance to the artisans and really work on our customer’s needs.

This is where I've met KuSakura's senior staff, Mr Hayakawa Nobumasa and Mr Hayakawa Iwao. I've realized that KuSakura was the only company in the Budo industry with ethical standards similar to mine, and I've started a collobaration with KuSakura.
KuSakura is a Judo equipment specialist with the most incredible production capacity and quality, so it only needed our expertise to produce high quality Aikido equipment. KuSakura produces, on a OEM basis, many of our Aikido product sold under our brand Seido.
On the other end, KuSakura being a manufacturer, our international communication and logistic expertise was what was missing to the company. We established a win win partnership in which we fulfill KuSakura's needs for international logistic and communication, and they fulfill ours when it comes to production and quality.

I consider my encouter with KuSakura and its senior staff one of the best opportunities I've had since I've started working in Japan, and I feel infinitely grateful.

Eriko Hoshi - Japanese Sales & Suppliers Relations

Japan sales: Eriko Hoshi
Thanks to my father, a 7th Dan Kendo master, Budo has always been part of my life. I’m responsible for the Japanese clientele and Artisans relations...

Hello everybody !
Apart from being in charge of the management and administrative tasks, I'm taking care of the trader relationships. My father, a 7th Dan Kendo teacher, brought me to his practice when I was little; hence, I was always somewhat close to Budo. However, until I became an adult, I had no martial arts experience. I only started practicing Aikido after marrying my husband, joining him at the Dojo.
The customers are various; some have just started practicing, and others are high-grade black belts. I try to do my best in that new field, not only by crafting detailed explanations for our websites, but also by answering requests via email or on the phone, - especially because there is no face-to-face selling. That's why I have to be careful, so that our customers can order our products without worry.
It's a great honor to be an intermediary, introducing as many customers as possible to the Japanese artisans by offering high-quality martial arts equipment. So, from the bottom of my heart, I'm pleased to welcome you as our customer.

Basile Mathevet - Head of Support

Basile Mathevet - ead of Support
I was attracted by Seido & KuSakura's ethic vision of the world, to be able to work with traditional workcrafter, and by their capability to be a vector of valor and culture of japaneses Budo.

Hello everyone,
My name is Basile Mathevet. I was born in 1989 near Paris in France.
I practiced for 4 years Vo vietnam and Saolim martial arts. After studying in the medical field, I decided to link a little more of my life with this Japan that I love since a long time, and started to study Japanese language and culture at university.
Joining Seido/KuSakuraShop team is for me the possibility to link my passion for the Japanese culture and my interest in martial arts. I was attracted by Seido & Kusakura’s ethic vision of the world, to be able to work with traditional workcrafter, and by their capability to be a vector of valor and culture of japaneses Budo. In charge of Seido’s management, I particularly care about workers coordination to make a good synergy and to give an optimal service to our customers.

Gaetan Karst - Support & Brand Development

Gaetan Karst - Support & Brand Development
The ethical values associated with handmade products and the crucial relationship with traditional local craftsmen really appeal to me...

Hello everyone!
My Name is Gaëtan Karst. I was born in 1995 and I am from Réunion Island, although I also lived in Toulouse for 10 years.
Since I am a child, I have been traveling and lot, and have always been attracted by cultures that are different from mine. I am from a family fond of history and at the age of 12, I got really interested in Japanese history, culture, and traditions. Then It was natural for me to study this country and its language during my bachelor. In 2016 I had the opportunity to live for the first time in Japan as an exchange student at Hiroshima University. I chose that city for its tragic yet fascinating history. This experience made me learn a lot about both the country and myself and was a life changing experience. It also confirmed my project to live and work there once I would be done with my studies, and Seido gave me that chance.
At Seido/KuSakuraShop, I am in charge of Kusakura’s International Marketing. I joined the team because I strongly believe in the company's philosophy, that is to sell quality products with high standard customer service. The ethical values associated with handmade products and the crucial relationship with traditional local craftsmen really appeal to me and I am looking forward to learning a lot here!
Thank you very much and see you on our shops!

Baptiste Rozière - Web development

Baptiste Rozière - Web development
I will make everything I can to honor the company, to the quality of the products and the values that are transmitted.

Hi everyone,
My name is Baptiste Roziere, I was born in 1991 in France.
As long as I can remember I have always been interested in japanese pop culture (music, video games, mangas, animes…). My affection for this country has increased with time while discovering other aspects of its culture; and I had the chance to visit it in 2018. The experience I got was even better than expected, since then, my objective was to live there.
I had the opportunity to join the Seido/KuSakuraShop team in the computer department following an interview and was able to move to Japan. I will make everything I can to honor the company, to the quality of the products and the values that are transmitted.

Clément Guyomard - Back-end developer

Clément Guyomard - Back-end developer
I find very interesting to always learn more, on a daily basis, about traditional Japanese culture, and of course about Budo.

Hello everybody!
My name is Clement and I was born in France, in a small town next to Paris. Back when I was a graduate student, I had been given the opportunity to study abroad at Kyoto University, where I discovered Japan and the Japanese culture. After my studies, and some time in the San francisco Bay Area, I decided to come back to Japan and learn more about the Japanese culture.
I am now working at Seido/KuSakuraShop in the computer science department. I find very interesting to always learn more, on a daily basis, about traditional Japanese culture, and of course about Budo. I will do my very best to improve your experience on!

Alexandre Venancio - Order Preparation, Shipping & Warehouse Management

Alexandre Venancio - Order preparation
Passionate about Japan and diverse aspects of the Japanese culture, I’m the one who gets your order ready for shipping...

My name is Alexander Venânçio. I’m of Portuguese origin, born in 1988 in Paris.
Having had a grandfather in the Navy, who traveled around Asia, I got in touch with Asian cultures at a young age and was mainly attracted to the Japanese culture, which is so different from ours.
This encouraged me to practice Judo for several years. Why Judo? you may ask. I've first started Judo because it is a very popular kid activity in France. Growing up, Judo values like Respect, Modesty, Self Control and Politeness really talked to me. For me, Respect is a great value. As a kid, I learned how to practice and fight with respect for my opponent. Practicing Judo was a very rewarding experience.
My passion for Japanese arts, be it drawing, music, or architecture, but also its history, made me engage in this culture, loving this country more and more. After many travels to different regions of Japan, I finally moved to Tokyo to live daily in the midst of this culture.
I got the chance to meet and work with a very dedicated team, retrieving the mentioned respect among the practitioners, and vis-à-vis the Japanese culture and its traditions.

Aya Yamamoto - Embroidery Workshop & Manager

Aya Yamamoto - Embroidery workshop Manager
Using the latest embroidery and sewing machines, I put my heart into offering you high standard Dogi customizations...

Hello everybody!
I mostly execute the Dogi alterations (like cutting sleeves/trousers, sewing reinforcements on Hakama etc.) and accomplish embroideries. Experiencing the bubbly energy of my two little boys daily, I was looking for an activity for them. The spirit of Aikido, in which winning or losing isn't a matter of physical strength and proper etiquette is taught during practice, seemed to be a good option. I'll never forget my boys’ facial expressions, bursting with pride, when they put on their first Dogi: Jacket and pants, embroidered with their names, made just for them!
We have the latest embroidery and engraving machines so we can customize the equipment and have them delivered with almost no delay. It's very rare that we can actually meet our customers in person; nonetheless, we are putting our heart into making a unique Dogi, trying to satisfy everyone who opts for our high-quality products. If you stay somewhere close to our shop, don't hesitate to drop by, because we'd love to meet you.

Nicolas Nothum - Digital Media Specialist, photographer & videographer

Nicolas Nothum
I'm excited to be a member of this team and work on projects that...

Hi everyone!
My name is Nicolas Nothum, I was born in the north-east of France in 1984.
I always had a strong interest in Japanese culture and I first visited Japan in 2010. Since then, I had the chance to come back many times and finally decided to settle in Tokyo in 2014.
I got in touch with Seido in early 2015 as a freelance photographer for their KuSakuraShop project and had the opportunity to work with them on diverse occasions. Now, I'm in charge of their digital media, I take care of everything related to video, photo and (almost) the entire visual content you see on our websites and YouTube page. I'm excited to be a member of this team and work on projects that will provide useful information about the Budo universe. I hope to offer content that catches your interest and piques your curiosity, content, that makes you want to see more. But above all, I want to highlight the amazing work the last Japanese traditional artisans do to create your equipment.
Be sure to stay updated and check our sites and social media regularly!

Satomi Kanazawa - Embroidery & Alteration

Satomi Kanazawa - Embroidery & Alteration
I always keep in mind the contented smiles of those who occasionally dropped by the shop...

Welcome to SeidoShop.
I was taught machine-sewing by my mother from a very young age, before I start studying both Western dressmaking and Japanese traditional clothing manufacturing at a specialized school.
In 2015, my son started Karate; it was the occasion for me to get interested in Budo and to discover Seido. Since I joined the Seido Team, I cultivated my sewing techniques and of course also developed it further; being constantly in contact with the careful craftsmanship and the attention to details dear to Japan, I learn a lot myself.
From the workshop, I do not exchange much with customers, but I always keep in mind the contented smiles of those who occasionally dropped by the shop to get their Dogi while I’m working on customizing new items.

Nicolas B - Quality Control & Packaging

Nicolas B - Quality Control & Packaging
I decided to join KuSakura to help in this mission to promote and preserve those rare and ancestral Japanese arts so as to spread those values that we also want to share with you.

Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas.
French born and raised, I have spent the last 20 years in full immersion in South East Asia, including Japan and China. I have a unique experience in the Design field and have worked for major Japanese and Chinese companies.
My passion for Aikido and the arts and crafts naturally led me to KuSakura, where we share values such as respect, preservation and promotion of the Japanese unique craftsmanship and “savoir faire”. I decided to join KuSakura to help in this mission to promote and preserve those rare and ancestral Japanese arts so as to spread those values that we also want to share with you.
At the packing table, Alex and myself will use the best of our competence and knowledge to ensure that the precious items you picked are delivered without damage or trouble, so as to assist you in your passion and make your practice smoother and even more rewarding. We are taking the greatest care of the products you choose and I do hope they will fulfill your expectations when they finally reach your hands.

And our former employees and interns : Lukas Kucharsky, Maho Somekawa, Jacques Gonzales, Rémi Bouchez, Florian Fasel, Stéphane Durand, Ines Ouedraogo, Charaf Abdelmeziane, Jason Faivre, Narjes Achour, Adrien Guigon, Yannick Lahely, Rahel Bunzli, Fouad Belouadheh, Tony Duong, Antoine Brisseau, Jean-François Rauch and Nicolas B. They all contributed to what we are today, and all of them will always be part of our story.

  • Lukas Kucharsky Lukas
  • Maho Somekawa Maho
  • Jacques Gonzales Jacques
  • Remi Bouchez Rémi
  • Florian Fasel Florian
  • Stephane Durand Stéphane
  • Ines Ouedraogo Inès
  • Charaf Abdelmeziane Charaf
  • Jason Faivre Jason
  • Narjes Achour Narjes
  • Adrien Guigon Adrien
  • Alexandre Zirmi Alexandre
  • Fouad Belouadheh Fouad
  • Rémi Saracino Rémi
  • Rahel Bünzli Rahel
  • Yannick Lahely Yannick
  • Tony Duong Tony
  • Antoine Brisseau Antoine
  • Jean-François Rauch Jeff
  • Nicolas B Nicolas

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