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The KuSakuraShop Team

KuSakuraShop is a brand dedicated to the international export, managed by the company Seido Co., Ltd. Our offices as well as our entire staff are located in Tokyo. Our team consists of multilingual martial arts practitioners, who are in love with Japan.

Seido Co., Ltd. is a privileged partner of the company Hayakawa Textile Industries (aka KuSakura) since 2009, a traditional manufacturer we got to know in recent years. We analysed a large part of the market and worked with many stakeholders. It was because of this experience that we have chosen, and were chosen by, KuSakura to collaborate and contribute to the development of KuSakura worldwide.

Our work is not limited to the export sales of KuSakura Judo equipment but also to advice and guide the brand in its communication, marketing and further also in the design of products for the international market. Thus, we have contributed to the modification of several products, the creation of additional Judogi sizes and the adjustment of certain product design elements, in direct connection with the feedback we have from our clients (and friends on the Tatami) outside Japan. Furthermore, our logistic association is one of the leading BtoC exporters in Japan with thousands of packages shipped each month, allowing us to offer transport rates and an outstanding service directly from Japan.

Our position today as martial artists, and lovers of traditional Japan, is to offer only top quality material, with a service at the height of Japan's reputation in this field. That is why we chose to animate KuSakuraShop.com, to make KuSakura better known worldwide, and to supply all Judoka with the most authentic high quality equipment available today.

More information about: the KuSakura brand.

Seido Co., Ltd.

Seido is a Japanese company founded in 2009 by a French expatriate, who practices Aikido, Judo and Kendo. Seido controls BudoExport.com (French / all Japanese martial arts), SeidoShop.com (English / Aikido equipment) and SeidoShop.jp (Japanese / Aikido equipment) and manages KuSakuraShop.com.

  • Our address : 351-010 Tokyo-to, Saitama-ken, Wako-shi 2-27-51
  • Tel&Fax : +81 (0)4-8437 -1740
  • Email : info@KuSakuraShop.com
  • URL : www.KuSakuraShop.com
  • Office : Monday to Friday : 10 am to 6 pm

Some Numbers :

  • Annual number of orders : ~5,000
  • Average time before the shipping of an order (KuSakura equipment) : 9 days (32h for products in stock, embroideries included).
  • Average response time to emails : 16h (answer guaranteed within 48h)
  • Number of emails processed per month (support/orders/internally) : over 5,000.
  • Number of visitors (any site) in total per month : over 40,000.
  • Number of full-time employees : 6
  • Age of the team captain : 30 years

Our team :



Jordy Delage

Martial Arts: Aikido, Judo, Kendo
Languages: French, Japanese, English, Spanish

Founder of Seido Co., Ltd, and the brain behind the idea of KuSakuraShop. Designer and the person in charge of the customer service of site KuSakuraShop.


Eriko Hoshi-Delage

Martial Arts: Aikido
Languages: Japanese, French

Co-founder Seido Co., Ltd. Manager of orders in Japanese, customer support in Japan, supplier relations.


Rahel Bünzli

Martial arts: Aikido
Languages: German, English, French, Japanese

Communication and marketing in German and English. Embroidery workshop manager.


Fouad Belouadheh

Martial arts: Karatedo
Languages: French, Japanese, English

Webmaster for all sites. Online and offline developments.


Alexandre Venancio

Martial arts: Judo
Languages: French, Portuguese, Japanese, English

Warehouse clerk. Order preparation and shipping.


Norio Hoshi

Martial arts : Kendo, Iaido
Languages: Japanese

Adviser for Kendo, quality control of wooden weapons, Shinai, and Iaito. Marketing manager for Japan

Our office :

Seido Team

Seido Co., Ltd. - KuSakura Judogi Dpt.

Shirako 2-27-51
Wako-shi, 351-0101 Saitama-ken
Tel JP: +81.4-8437-1740
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