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Import/Export & Customs

KuSakuraShop is a service operated by the company Seido Co., Ltd. that specializes in the export of Judo equipment from the KuSakura brand directly from Japan. Therefore, all our rates are published without tax.

Tax rates may be applied by the customs of your country of residence upon importation of your order.

Rest assured, the process is totally transparent and affects the delivery time very little. It is managed entirely by the carrier who will ask you to pay the tax upon delivery (payable by check or cash). Note that some small parcels may not be taxed.

Exporter : KuSakuraShop

KuSakuraShop is considered the exporter. Therefore, we take care of legal formalities relating to the export from Japan. As specialists in export, we are not registered with the Japan Customs Service (a service that is mainly for importers).

The following procedures are performed before shipment:

  • A pro-forma invoice is attached to all packages in an external pocket or via electronic document.
    No parcel may leave our premises without it, as it would not be supported by the carrier.
    The amounts indicated on this document are standardized by product category and may not reflect the actual amount paid (however, the reported amount is never greater than the amount of the order).
  • Packages are shipped only to the address specified in the order.
  • All packages are automatically processed and verified manually. They are traceable electronically via the carrier's website and are controlled by the export department of the carrier before leaving Japan.

Importer : the client

You are considered the importer of the goods in your country of residence. This means that it is your responsibility to check that the products ordered are consistent with the laws of your country. No refunds will be granted in case of purchase of a product that is not conform to the regulations of your country.

Please pay attention to the following points:

  • Verify that the import of the goods ordered is permitted in your country.
    In general, the products sold by KuSakuraShop do not cause issues (importing wooden weapons poses no problem in Europe or North America), yet it is possible that the customs ask you additional information on the intended use of these products.
  • Packages must imperatively be delivered to an adult legally responsible for the content of the package and able to sign the delivery note.
  • Buying wooden weapons for a purpose other than for the practice of martial arts is strongly discouraged by our team. In case of a control by customs, you would be legally liable.

Applicable taxes and fees

The import of Japanese products may be subject to various fees when the package enters the destination country. These fees must be paid by the recipient. We have no control over these charges and have no way to accurately predict the amount. We invite you to contact the customs office in your country for more information about it.

General rules

  • VAT is normally due on the entire order.
  • The customs tax depends on the nature of the products and it is is due for orders above $ 150 (for Europe). For sports articles, it usually ranges from 2% to 3%.
  • Handling fees are also charged by the carrier for the collection of VAT and usually amount to $ 10.

In reality, and given the fact that our customs declarations are optimized, total fees usually are between 10% and 15% on the overall order.

Furthermore, small packages including belts and other accessories ordered in small quantities may not be taxed.

Additional information

Know that in all cases the carrier will ask for the payment of expenses and customs taxes with no added formalities to perform on your part.

  • Packages with a value that is less than $ 22 are exempted of VAT and customs duties.
  • Packages with a value that is less than $ 150 are exempted of customs duties (but not VAT).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Note that KuSakuraShop does not accept any returns on the grounds of a refusal to pay customs fees. Packages returned for that reason will be shipped back at the customer's expense (the cost of return to Japan will be claimed), or destroyed by the carrier without any possibility of refund.

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