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High End Judo Equipment Directly From Japan

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Officially approved by the International Judo Federation (IJF) and inventor of the modern Judogi in partnership with the Kodokan, KuSakura is unquestionably the best Judogi manufacturer in the world. The models for competition are available in over a hundred different sizes to fit all practitioners, regardless of their weight class and morphology.

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Obi (Belts)

With over a dozen models, including two of them approved by the International Judo Federation (IJF), KuSakura's belt catalog is currently the largest in the world. Of various widths, thicknesses and rigidities, the KuSakura belts can be embroidered directly during the manufacture (integrated embroideries) for a high-end and long lasting result or after manufacture at a lower cost and faster delivery.

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Buki (Wooden Weapons)

For Kata practitioners, all wooden accessories (Bokken, Jo, Tanto and Kenju) listed in the catalog are handcrafted in Kyushu, (southern Japan). From classic red or white oak to the most exotic woods, these high-quality weapons beyond comparison are excellent companions for your daily practice but also make great gifts for special occasions.

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Be it a sports bag made of Sashiko fabric (Judo fabric), a high-tech performance T-shirt, knee pads, Judo key holders or carry bags for weapons, KuSakura offers everything needed for your Judo practice, no matter whether for competition or simply for fun.

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  • THE specialist for Judo equipment

    KuSakura is the oldest Judo equipment manufacturer and still in the business. Inventor of the size system currently used by almost all brands, KuSakura leaves nothing to chance, from the Judogi for competition and the Judogi for Kata, to the belts and accessories developed especially for Judo. With a century of experience, KuSakura is THE specialist when it comes to "Made in Japan" Judogi.

  • High quality embroidery

    The KuSakura Judogi and belts are embroidered with "Barudan" machines, the top of the top among modern Japanese embroidery machines. Able to stitch the most delicate fabric as well as the thickest belts: a high-end result is a reflection of KuSakura's quality. Further, as a service free of charge, our multilingual staff takes care of translating names for orders placed on the site.

  • Officially approved by the IJF

    Approved by the International Judo Federation (IJF) all required equipment for national and international competition is in the KuSakura catalog. The official Judogi & Belts are adapted to each change of the regulation and strictly controlled by the Japanese official laboratory of the IJF each year, whether for the Shiai or the Kata.

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