The state of emergency has been lifted in Japan, but the international logistic hasn't improved much. Japan Post has suspended all shipments to more than 150 countries, FedEx shipments are suspended for all destinations, DHL has implemented a significant price surcharge and UPS increased prices for small packages. Long story short: most orders are shipped and delivered normally, but not everywhere and oversized packages are complicated to handle. Please refer to the table below to see if your order can ship and with which carrier/shipping method.

Despite those limitations, and thanks to our unparalleled logistic, we are maintaining a high turnover with dozens of orders shipped everyday. Our entire team is focused on logistic issues and customer support, entirely committed to deliver as many customers as possible with the most afforable shipping solution. We can assure you that the very large majority of shipped orders are delivered without any trouble and we would like to express our gratitude for your support in this difficult time.

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Emergency Surcharge
In addition to the shipping upgrade fees charged at checkout (if applicable).
Small Packages
For packages under 2 kg and 60 cm in length.
Express Shipping
For packages above 2 kg and/or 60 cm.
Canada, Mexico, South Korea All products: No surcharge Now reopened!
+ 1 week delay (lead time of 2 to 4 weeks)
All packages ship as usual
with DHL & UPS
Delivery expected within a week.
France, United Kingdom, Germany Products over 118 cm > 10,00 USD
Now reopened!
+ 1 week delay (lead time of 2 to 4 weeks)
United States All products: No surcharge Suspended until at least next July.
If selected at checkout, orders will be stored without prior notice.

A 15,00 USD express shipping upgrade is available at checkout.
Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Guadeloupe Products over 118 cm > 10,00 USD
Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Israel Products over 118 cm > 20,00 USD
Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Singapore, Belgium, Portugal, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Greece, Romania, Malaysia, Bulgaria Products over 118 cm > 20,00 USD
Packages above 118 cm cannot ship
(Jo, Bo, Naginata...)
Russia, Reunion, French Guiana, Africa, South America All shipments suspended.
If you place an order, it will be stored at least until July.

Sauna Suits KuSakura / Cramer - Sweater Only

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Recommended Accessories

KuSakura Judo Special Knee Supports
KuSakura Judo T-shirt - Short-Sleeved
KuSakura Judo Headgear

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Judo Special Knee Supports

Designed by KuSakura in collaboration with sports physicians, these knee pads are specially made for the practice of Judo. It provides excellent support for the entire joint by limiting the loss of sensation around the knee. Using 4 straps, it provides an adjustable strength around the knee. A must-have for injured practitioners who want to practice securely. 

Special Knee Supports technical specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Size: M ~ 4L
  • Made in Japan
Knee size Thigh circumference
M 46 ~ 49 cm
L 49 ~ 52 cm
LL 52 ~ 55 cm
3L 55 ~ 58 cm
4L 58 ~ 61 cm

* The thigh circumference is measured at 16 cm above the center of the knee (meniscus), in a natural standing position.

** If you are between two sizes, choose the larger one.


Prices vary depending on selected options.

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[UnderWarmer] Judo T-shirt - Short-Sleeved

Designed by KuSakura for muscular support for the arms and the center/top of the back in the most optimal manner for the practice of Judo. Improves comfort during practice by reducing perspiration and facilitating evaporation. Mostly made of nylon fiber (or polyester fiber for the white version), it dries easily.
Available in White or Black color. The White version, has no KuSakura logo printed on the shirt.

This model is also available with long sleeves

T-shirt UnderWarmer technical specifications

  • Material:
    - Black: 80% nylon / 20% polyurethane
    - White: 80% polyester / 20% polyurethane
  • Color: black or white
  • Size: SS~XOOO
  • Made in Japan
UnderWarmer size Height Waist size Chest circumference
SS 155 ~ 164 cm 63 ~ 78 cm 78 ~ 93 cm
SM 164 ~ 173 cm 70 ~ 91 cm 85 ~ 106 cm
LO 163 ~ 183 cm 83 ~ 103 cm 98 ~ 113 cm
XO 168 ~ 186 cm 95 ~ 118 cm 107 ~ 123 cm
XOO 174 ~ 190 cm 111 ~ 125 cm 116 ~ 130 cm
XOOO 178 ~ 192 cm 120 ~ 133 cm 125 ~ 133 cm
This combination is unavailable. We have reset the options.

Judo Headgear

This headgear is designed for rough trainings, for beginners or practitioners being slightly injured. Its Velcro fastener on the chin allows flexibility and perfectly adapts to the shape of the skull. It is padded on the contour of the ears and on the back of the skull.
It may also help to distinguish two fighters since the reversible function allows to wear it in red or white.
KuSakura's logo is on the white side of the headgear.

Headgear technical specifications

  • Color: white / red (reversible)
  • Size: S~L
  • Details: Velcro fastener
  • Made in Japan
Headgear size Head circumference
S 56 ~ 58 cm
M 58 ~ 60 cm
L 60 ~ 62 cm

*The head circumference is measured at the forehead.

Product Information & Size Chart

  • Sauna Suits - Sweater Only

    Designed in collaboration with Cramer Japan, this high-end sauna suit was made from an ultra-thin and ultra-light fabric intending to provide enhanced control over perspiration. This product is ideal for any Judo and other martial arts practitioners preparing for a competition or who just need a perfect weight management and perspiration helper equipment.

    The technology used in the textile of this garment allows it to efficiently retain moisture for optimal heat up and toxin elimination during training sessions. Furthermore, this Sauna Suit is antibacterial treated as well as Anti-static, providing a fabric with enhanced durability and high wearing comfort. This high-quality model is the only sauna suits currently available on the market, with a fabric entirely made to be extremely flexible and resistant in order to facilitate free movements.

    This product consists of a sweater only. The matching pants are available for separate purchase.

    Sauna Suits technical specifications

    • Material: 100% polyurethane
    • Color: Black, red & blue 
    • Size: 1~6
    • Features: Antibacterial & Deodorising
    • Fabric made in Japan
    Size Height Weight Chest circumference Waist size 
    0 130 ~ 150 cm 38 ~ 48 kg ~70 cm ~50 cm
    1 140 ~160 cm 42 ~ 52 kg 60 80 cm 50 ~ 60 cm
    2 150 ~ 170 cm 53 ~ 65 kg 70 ~ 90 cm 60 ~ 70 cm
    3 160 ~ 180 cm 66 ~ 79 kg 80 ~ 100 cm 70 ~ 80 cm
    4 170 ~ 190 cm 80 ~ 92 kg 90 ~ 110 cm 80 ~ 90 cm
    5 180 ~ 200 cm 93 ~ 105 kg 100 ~ 120 cm 90 ~ 100 cm
    6 ~192 cm 106 ~ 113 kg 110 ~ 153 cm 100 ~
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Product & Services

Sauna Suits KuSakura / Cramer - Sweater Only: US$125.00


1 x KuSakura Judo Special Knee Supports: US$90.00
1 x KuSakura Judo T-shirt - Short-Sleeved: US$55.00
1 x KuSakura Judo Headgear: US$35.00
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