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Sauna Suits KuSakura / Cramer - Sweater Only

Due to the covid19 outbreak and suspension of all Judo competitions across the world, the production of this product is suspended until 2022.

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Sauna Suits - Sweater Only

    Designed in collaboration with Cramer Japan, this high-end sauna suit was made from an ultra-thin and ultra-light fabric intending to provide enhanced control over perspiration. This product is ideal for any Judo and other martial arts practitioners preparing for a competition or who just need a perfect weight management and perspiration helper equipment.

    The technology used in the textile of this garment allows it to efficiently retain moisture for optimal heat up and toxin elimination during training sessions. Furthermore, this Sauna Suit is antibacterial treated as well as Anti-static, providing a fabric with enhanced durability and high wearing comfort. This high-quality model is the only sauna suits currently available on the market, with a fabric entirely made to be extremely flexible and resistant in order to facilitate free movements.

    This product consists of a sweater only. The matching pants are available for separate purchase.

    Sauna Suits technical specifications

    • Material: 100% polyurethane
    • Color: Black, red & blue 
    • Size: 1~6
    • Features: Antibacterial & Deodorising
    • Fabric made in Japan
    Size Height Weight Chest circumference Waist size 
    0 130 ~ 150 cm 38 ~ 48 kg ~70 cm ~50 cm
    1 140 ~160 cm 42 ~ 52 kg 60 80 cm 50 ~ 60 cm
    2 150 ~ 170 cm 53 ~ 65 kg 70 ~ 90 cm 60 ~ 70 cm
    3 160 ~ 180 cm 66 ~ 79 kg 80 ~ 100 cm 70 ~ 80 cm
    4 170 ~ 190 cm 80 ~ 92 kg 90 ~ 110 cm 80 ~ 90 cm
    5 180 ~ 200 cm 93 ~ 105 kg 100 ~ 120 cm 90 ~ 100 cm
    6 ~192 cm 106 ~ 113 kg 110 ~ 153 cm 100 ~
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Sauna Suits KuSakura / Cramer - Sweater Only: ¥12,300


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