Colored Cotton Carry Bag for Shinai

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  • Colored Shinai Cotton Carry Bag ( 146 cm)

    This high-end cotton colored Carry Bag is the perfect combination of traditional and modern styles. This highly resistant and durable model has been entirely made in Japan from high-quality cotton, with reinforced stitching on the bottom part of the bag providing excellent protection for your weapons. The upper part is longer than on other KuSakura models as it is meant to be folded over the rest of the bag and fastened with the two attached cords to close the bag and secure your Shinai during transport. This longer upper part consists of a secret pocket in which you can place your Tsuba and Tsubadome.

    These carry bags displays two fundamental values in Kendo and in martial art in general, both written in Kanji:

    • The first four Kanji 「無念無想」 (mu-nen-mu-so) can be translated as "clear one's mind". In-depth, this simple sentence refers to the fact of setting one's mind free from all negative thoughts such as fear, ego or anger in order to have a better focus on important things of the actual moment.
    • The following one 「明鏡止水」 (mei-kyou-shi-sui), is a very similar value from the aforementioned one. In detail, this sentence refers to the practitioner who must strive to always keep a calm and peaceful mind as well as clear one's heart from evil and all distracting thoughts, in order to build one's path towards success and make everything possible.

    This weapon carry bag can hold 3 Shinai or 2 Shinai, 1 Bokken and 1 Shoto. Made from high-quality cotton with an inner lining 100% made of red cotton, featuring a reinforcement on the bottom part of the bag for an optimum durability. Furthermore, the reinforced part is decorated with Sakura flowers, a strong symbol in Japan especially in the Samurai culture.

    Colored Cotton Carry Bag technical specifications

    • Material: Cotton
    • Color: Blue, Red, Black, White, Brown
    • Made in Japan
    • Dimensions: 146 cm (length) x 15 cm (width)
    • Weight: approx. 200 g
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Très élégant sac pour Bokken

    Très élégant sac pour bokken. Très belle qualité de tissu. Excellent produit.

    Elegant Cotton Carry Bag

    I bought this new cotton carry bag as the leather bottom part of the cheap one that I used for 6 years has broken. It fits 2 x 101.5 cm Bokken and 1 x 127.6 cm Jo for my Budo practice. Initially, I expected this bag to have a soft texture for its cloth but upon touching it for the first time, it is a little bit of coarse, but it will be fine after a few washes, as I am very conscious about hygiene.

    The cloth is solid enough to protect one of my expensive Bokken, I recommend this to anyone that is looking for a new carry bag. It will be even better if the carry bag comes along with straps.

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