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Extra-Large Synthetic Leather Carry Bag for Shinai (120 cm)

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  • Extra-Large Synthetic Leather Shinai Carry Bag ( 120 cm)

    Designed for all practitioners who need extra space to transport all their weapon arsenal such as teachers or competitors, this high-quality Synthetic Leather Carry Bag allows you to carry a maximum of 10 Shinai. This model has been designed to be the most resistant and convenient possible considering its significant storage capacity, with a tough shoulder strap and leather handle as well as strong stitching. It can also be let standing thanks to the 4 plastic cleats on the carry bag's bottom extremity, making it easier to tidy but also allowing practitioners to pick rapidly and easily a weapon.

    This bag can hold 10 weapons, (maximum length of 118 cm). Made from high-end synthetic leather, for an unbeatable quality. This extra-large weapon carry bag provides an optimal protection for your Shinai set. This carry bag features a wide external pocket, allowing you to carry Tsuba, Tsubadome as well as other maintenance kits and accessories.

    Extra-Large Synthetic Leather Shinai Carry Bag technical specifications

    • Material: Synthetic Leather
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: 120 cm (length) x 15.5 cm (width)
    • Weight: approx. 900 g
    • Details: Wide external pocket for Tsuba (guard) and shoulder strap

    Optional: Nameplate embroidery :

    Optionally, we offer to embroider your first OR family name on a piece of synthetic leather that will be slipped into the bag's pocket, provided for that purpose. If you choose one of the options "English", the content will be embroidered in English. If you choose one of the "Japanese" options, the content will be embroidered in Japanese (if entered in English, our team translates it free of charge).
    For more information, thank you to check the section " Embroideries and Engravings"

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Extra-Large Synthetic Leather Carry Bag for Shinai (120 cm): US$140.00


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