Kyudo Tetron Hakama - Men

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Service - Hakama Embroidery

Available fonts (style) Block or cursive for English, and Kaishotai (standard) or Gyoshotai (semi-cursive) for Japanese.
Available colors 20 colors - the most popular for black and navy Hakama are white, gold, and red.
Free transcriptions Write your name in English and select a "Japanese" font. In that case, we will take care of the transcription ourselves. It can happen that several transcriptions exist for the same name, and we cannot accept any claim concerning our choice. (Please use the text field to add a comment if the pronunciation of your name is unusual. If you already have a transcription, please attach a picture). We only translate names or words, not sentences or expressions. Such requests will be ignored and refunded if not discussed and agreed prior to your order. Please also note that initials cannot be translated in Japanese. Consequently, they will always be embroidered in English.
Limitations We embroider in Japanese and English only (no Chinese, Korean, etc.). For any special requests/logo embroidery etc., contact us prior to your order (otherwise, such comments may be ignored).
More information Embroidery Workshop & Japanese Free Translation (on site)

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Please check the selected 'word count' matches the content entered. "<span class="words"></span>" is (are) considered as one word (each).
Attention: logo embroidery must be discussed prior to placing your order. Undiscussed demands will be ignored and refunded without notice.

Service details
Hakama Embroidery - Right Hip

  • This is the most classic position for a Hakama embroidery. Note: depending on the content (e.g. name + dojo) we split the content into two lines. For more instructions, please use the comment field.
  • Japanese (Kanji, Kana): ~2 x 2 cm - vertical or horizontal
  • English block (capital letters): ~1.5 x 1.5 cm - vertical or horizontal
  • English cursive capital Letters: ~2 x 2 cm / letter - horizontal only
  • English cursive lower case letters: ~1.5 x 1.5 cm - horizontal only
  • Max. embroidery length: 16 cm (depending on the length of the content, font size might be adapted)
  • Note that Initials are never written in Japanese.They always appear in Romaji (alphabet). Initials also count as 1 word. As a result, "Initial + Name" is 2 words. Initials not paid for will be ignored.

Recommended Accessories

Custom Made Turkey Feathers Arrows
Synthetic Leather Quiver
Shiro Giriko Kyudo Powder

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Custom arrows made from turkey feathers - KuSakura

Custom made Kyudo arrows "Ya" in Duraluminum made in total accordance with KuSakura's quality standards.

You can select the color as well as the design of the arrows. To select the color of the arrows, please select the desired color code in the dedicated field (cf. above color chart).

The "Shaft" option corresponds to the thickness of the shaft (the caliber of the arrow). The mention 19 are arrows that are designed for bows with a draw weight inferior to 15kg and 20 for bows with a draw weight superior to 15kg.

2 arrow types:

  • Otoya are arrows which feathers have been curved in a clockwise direction (spins counter-clockwise in flight).
  • Haya are arrows which feathers have been curved in a counter-clockwise direction (spins clockwise in flight).

7 arrow length and style available, from 80 cm to 110 cm.
Set of 6 arrows (3 "Haya Type and 3 "Otoya" type).

Custom arrows made from turkey feathers' technical specificities

  • Material: Duraluminum (aluminum / copper alloy)
  • Colors: 30 colors available
  • Controlled accordingly with KuSakura's quality standards
  • Production: 15 business days (3 weeks).

Select the length of your arrows

First, put your arms in front of you. Measure the length from the throat until the tip of your middle finger. Then, add 10 cm to this length.

$62.00 ~ $108.00

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Synthetic Leather Quiver - KuSakura

The KuSakura's synthetic leather quiver is a must-have for all Kyudo practitioners. 100% made in Japan, this quiver comes with a leather shoulder strap for optimal comfort during transport. Solid, durable and convenient, this model features reinforced stitches and a strong plastic reinforcement at the bottom part, allowing the practitioner to leave his quiver standing up to take his arrows more easily. The shoulder strap can be easily put on or removed thanks to the metal clips/rings system.

Available in three different colors, this quiver can carry 10, 20 or 30 arrows depending on your needs. The 30 arrows model is only available in black

Synthetic Leather Quiver technical specifications

  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Dimensions:
    - 10 arrows: 105 cm x 5 cm
    - 20 arrows:  105 cm x 7 cm
    - 30 arrows:  105 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight:
    - 10 arrows: approx. 650 g
    - 20 arrows: approx. 700 g
    - 30 arrows: approx. 830 g
  • Color: Black, Blue and Wine
  • Made in Japan
This combination is unavailable. We have reset the options.

Shiro Giriko Powder

KuSakura's high-quality white Shiro Giriko powder. Efficiently assists in the grip when taking aim during Kyudo practice. This powder allows a better release of the string enhancing the quality and precision of the shot eventually.
You can apply it to the thumb of the shooting glove (Gake) to avoid your fingers from slipping.

Made in Japan from Cryptomeria and pine resin.

Shiro Gririko powder technical specifications

  • Material: Cryptomeria and pine resin
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Controlled accordingly with KuSakura's quality standards

Product Information & Size Chart

  • Kyudo Tetron Hakama - Umanori

    This high-end Hakama is 100% Made in Japan from a high-end Polyester/Rayon composite fabric, providing great comfort especially during long summer training sessions. Specifically designed for Kyudo practice, this synthetic model is solid, durable and extremely easy to maintain as the tetron has the convenient particularity not to bleed nor shrink when washed. Easy to fold, the pleats are also kept perfect in any condition.

    Kyudo Hakama are available in two different cuts:

    • The Andon cut (行灯) model is designed for women. Andon refers to the traditional Japanese oil lanterns made in one single tube. As such this model recalls this particularity as it has been made without any separation between the legs, like a skirt.
    • Umanori (馬乗り) stands for "horse riding" and is the men's dedicated model. The specificity of this cut is that it features a separation between the legs like a pair of pants.

    For maximum comfort, the strap length is adjusted on both models according to the size of the Hakama.

    This product consists of a Hakama only. The Kyudo jacket is available for separate purchase.

    KuSakura Umanori Tetron Hakama specifications

    • Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon
    • Color: Navy & Black
    • Shrinkage rate: 0%
    • Cut: Umanori (men)
    • Size: Medium, Large & Extra-Large
    • Weight (size 25): 770 g
    • Made in Japan
    Hakama Sizes Height
    24 155 ~ 165 cm
    25 165 ~ 170 cm
    26 175 ~ 185 cm
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    L'envoi était largement plus rapide que prévu (sans broderie ou personnalisation) puisque c'est arrivé à la date prévue d'expédition. Douane raisonnable payée à réception
    Il y avait des tas d'explications concernant l'envoi, le prix, la douane, la livraison....
    Super shop ! Je recommande

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    When importing Japanese reviews, the impossibility to automatically determine the presence of a familly name forced us to label all Japanese reviews as 'anonymous' (Familly names in roman characters have been filtered out).

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Product & Services

Kyudo Tetron Hakama - Men: $82.00
Hakama Embroidery - Right Hip: $8.00


1 x Custom Made Turkey Feathers Arrows: $266.00
1 x Synthetic Leather Quiver: $62.00
1 x Shiro Giriko Kyudo Powder: $4.00
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