Sashiko Face Mask

As all our customers know, KuSakuraShop is driven by a strong ethical will, passed on through our products and services. We do not want to take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak situation to make a profit and our staff was quite uncomfortable with the idea of offering this type of products on the shop. Nevertheless, in the light of this unprecedented crisis, our workshops have to find a solution to stay alive, to keep providing you with high-quality pieces of equipment. Therefore, we have decided to sell this product so that you can also show your support while protecting yourself and your surroundings during these difficult times.

The first model of mask is made from Sashiko fabric, a traditional fabric with a lot of beneficial properties that we explained on our blog, using high-quality Japanese Mikawa cotton, the same cotton used in KuSakuraShop's high-end Judogi. These masks were made by our partner workshops and besides all the beneficial properties that Sashiko fabric offers, this mask has been treated to be antimicrobial and odor resistant through a Japanese cypress tree solution. This treatment is meant to stay efficient up until approximately 50 laundries when washed in cold water.

See the Aichi Workshop Model

The second model, although less design, will suit more tight budgets or people wishing to directly support KuSakura. This mask comes directly with a sponge filter, filtering with sustained efficiency while drying quickly.

See the KuSakura Workshop's model

Whether it is to support us, the industry, or just because you are quite satisfied with the look of our masks, check out the product page directly on our website!

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