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10% OFF on IJF products

March is here, Spring is around the corner and we hope it will be accompanied by better days. Fortunately, the Covid situation at KuSakuraShop is now over, last month was tough, but we're now back stronger than ever. Thank you again for all your support and your understanding.
Let's stay careful, the crisis is not over but if we take care of each other, we can get through this together.

Our discount on Belts & Embroideries is now over, we hope that you jumped at that opportunity! And as we're speaking of opportunity, you may have heard that the IJF (International Judo Federation) standards have recently been updated, so this is a perfect occasion to offer a 10% OFF discount on all IJF products!
For more than 10 years, KuSakura has been an officially certified brand by the International Judo Federation, all our high-end Judogi are approved for international competitions (with the only exception of the JOZ, JOZW, and JOA models).
Whether you are a beginner or one of the greatest athletes, you'll find the perfect equipment, with as always, KuSakura's pledge of quality.
If you need more information on the IJF regulations and how to comply with the new ones, please visit our dedicated page: International Judo Federation 2022 Regulations.

Please note that this offer will be running for two months, until April 27th, 2 pm JPT. (Update: Due to our Charity Event regarding Ukraine, this discount will pause from March 29th, 2 pm, JPT, to April 5th, 2 pm, JPT).

Beginning of the year report

We are excited to announce that Sauna Suits are finally back on KuSakuraShop! Many of you were waiting for their return and your patience has now been rewarded.
These high-tech sauna suits are made from ultra-thin and ultra-light fabric and are the most efficient weight management equipment currently on the market. Using this garment prompts excessive sweating making it an extremely efficient tool to eliminate toxins.
Discover the Sweater and the Pants.

That's it for this time, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on KuSakuraShop.com!

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