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Classic KuSakura Shinai

Due to a sudden change in international shipments size limitations, orders for Classic KuSakura Shinai are temporarily suspended as its total length exceed the maximum allowed. We are actively looking for a solution.

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Classic Kendo Shinai

    Please note that due to the size limitations set by DHL, 39 size Shinai can only be shipped with FedEx, UPS, and EMS (Japan Post)

    This model is the most classic assembled Shinai within KuSakura's Kendo weapon range and is a Shinai adapted for any type of practice. Made from Taiwanese Keichiku Bamboo, it is available in sizes 36 and 37 for kids, and 38 to 39 for adults. The sizes 37 and 38 are available in a women's version and are meant to be lighter than men's accordingly to the international competitions' rules. This Shinai comes assembled along with a high-end leather Tsukagawa and Gin for an excellent fit of the Tsuka, as well as with a Tsuba and a Tsubadome.

    This "standard" Shinai is perfectly standard in its shape and balance. Model SSP (Shinai Safety Protection) certified, consisting of norms established by the Japanese Association of martial arts equipment manufacturers in collaboration with the Japanese Kendo Federation. Only SSP labeled are authorized in competitions in Japan. It comes with a Tsukagawa made from tanned leather and a white Tsuru.

    Kusakura Classic Shinai Specifications

    • Available sizes: 36 to 39 ~ Men & Women size available
    • Women's model sizes: 37 and 38
    • Keichiku bamboo from Taiwan
    • Controlled in accordance with KuSakura quality standards
    • SSP label
    Technical Specifications
    Size Length Weight
    39 120 cm ~ 520 g 26 mm
    38 117 cm ~ 430 g ~ 490 g 26 mm
    37 113 cm ~ 410 g ~ 450 g 25 mm
    36 111 cm ~ 370 g 25 mm

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary slightly from one weapon to another

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Classic KuSakura Shinai: $42.00


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