COVID19 - Logistic & Shipping Information

We ship as usual to North and Central America, European Union (+ Switzerland, Norway, UK) , but the most affordable 'small package' method is deactivated for some countires.
Oceania (Australia): additional fees from 10$ to 30$ will be charged after checkout for packages over 120 cm in length (Shinai). Remote areas (ie. Tasmania) are subject to an additional 30$ fee (automatically charged with FedEx, manually charged after checkout for DHL).
Shipping possible under conditions (please enquire via email prior to placing your order): Africa, South America, India, Middle East, former USSR and overseas France.
Shipping entirely suspended: Russia, Brazil, China, French Polynesia, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
If you select a suspended shipping method (clearly displayed at checkout), your order will be stored until the shipping method is reinstored (this may not be before August/September).

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Karate Weapons & Accessories

In some style of Karate, weapons play an extremely important part. They can be used for, movement dexterity or posture development, for demonstration and so on.

With more than 100 years of experience, KuSakura can be proud to have developed expertise in designing durable and high-quality martial art weapons and can now make this quality available to all Karateka.

KuSakura's Karate weapons are manufactured in the region of Miyakonojo (Kyushu, southern Japan) and are designed for the practice of Karate and some other Kobudo. The engraving service will soon be available on these weapons (with a maximum of 3 engravings per weapon). The module for engravings will be provided directly on each product page.

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