"The Competition" Sales

"The Competition" Sales - 10% OFF on IJF products & accessories

Summer is finally here, we hope that the incoming sunny days will warm you up! Dojos are starting to reopen all over the world and practice starts to go back to normal.
After several months of wait and uncertainties, we are now less than a month away from the beginning of the big event!
Yes, "the big event", because as you probably know, they are extremely touchy about their copyrights and clearly state they will sue any form of infringement, so we've decided to call it "The competition" and "The big event", so it is clear KuSakuraShop has no connection whatsoever with this event, but is still very excited about it, as we all are. 

The Judo Competition will be held at the legendary Tokyo Budokan, the mythical martial arts hall originally built for the 1964 "Big Event". It was also the place where the best Judoka crossed paths during the Judo World Championships in 2019. It has been renovated in between and should now offer better than ever conditions to all competitors.
From July 24th to July 31st, more than 380 athletes will compete in 15 different events! The Handysport "Big Event" will be held from August 27th to August 29th.
During this intense week of competition, we will be lucky to see some of the best Judoka wearing our IJF Judogi. Don't miss this opportunity to support your country's athletes.

To celebrate this event, we will run a 10% OFF discount on IJF products & accessories!
This exclusive discount will last two months and will end on August, 31st, 2 pm JPT, don't miss it!

New version of KuSakuraShop

After several weeks of work, we are very happy to announce that we just released the Japanese Version of KuSakuraShop! If you're reading this and are a Japanese speaker, you can now click on the Japanese flag on the top left of the website to access the Japanese version. For now, only the Judo equipment section is available but we will add more categories in the following months!
Don't hesitate to contact us at info@kusakurashop.com if you have any remarks or suggestions!

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