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10% OFF all Judo/Kendo Bags & T-Shirts!

We are already in March, and Spring is upon us! We cannot wait for the cherry blossom season to begin, to admire the petals of cherry trees carried away by the wind, offering us beautiful landscapes all around the country.

Our discount on all Black & Red Belts is now over, we hope you enjoyed it as it's now time for our new special offer!
This time, we are offering 10% OFF all Judo/Kendo Bags & T-Shirts! All of our bags are perfect for conveying your equipment and will become your perfect companions for all your training sessions.
Our Judo Bags will allow you to carry easily your Judogi and belts, and as we propose different sizes of bags regarding the model, you'll probably find the right one depending on your needs. Furthermore, you can embroider them with one-of-a-kind customization so don't hesitate to personalize them!
And if you are a fellow Kendoka, you will find everything you need for the transportation of your Shinai or Bokken. We are offering traditional or modern style carry bags with several materials like cotton or synthetic leather, and even more options like shoulder straps or large pockets for accessories. All of these Shinai bags are fully made in Japan with as always, KuSakura's pledge of quality.

This offer will be running for two months and will end on April 27th, at 2 pm Japan time.

Also, we wanted to announce a slight change in the way we are managing our Charity events as they will now take place on special occasions throughout the year and last longer. So be ready for our next charity event which will arrive at the end of this discount! We hope you'll be there!

That's it for this time, enjoy the discounts, and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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