September Special Discount

10% OFF on our new season essentials selection!

Summer is slowly ending but temperatures are still very high here in Japan.
The COVID-19 situation in Japan is still complicated with an extended state of emergency to several more prefectures, and overwhelmed vaccination centers where it's still difficult to schedule an appointment.
We're still far from a "back to normal" situation here, we can only hope for a brighter future, but be assured that we are by your side in these tough times.

The "Big event" is now finished, it was a delight to watch all the wonderful competitions, and we are also thrilled by the athletes' performances during the Handysport "Big Event", which will already be over soon!
After our two months-long special discounts, we're coming back to our ordinary pace and we wanted to offer you 10% OFF on our new season essentials selection! With this selection, both beginners and competitors will find what they are looking for, be it a brand new Judogi, a new bag to carry your equipment safely, a new belt, a wooden weapon to work on your Kata, or many other things, check them out!

Please note that this discount will end on September, 30th, 2 pm JPT, be sure to don't miss it!

New products on KuSakuraShop

Keen eyes may have noticed the apparition of a lot of new products on the site in the past weeks, and they are totally right!

  • We are now offering a full range of Nippon Kenpo products: Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Breastplates, Helmet, you'll find the full equipment you need to practice this wonderful martial art.
  • In our Kyudo section, we added the Rubber Yumi (bow) that will become your perfect companion for home training. It is not used as a strength training tool but as a learning tool to improve the shooting pattern. Usually, people tend to think that the rubber Yumi is used only by beginners, but advanced users also use it to check the accuracy of the Eight Stages of Shooting. Check it out on the website!

Take care of yourself, of your loved ones, and enjoy the discount! See you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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