O'Bon 2023

O'Bon 2023

In Japan, the O'Bon festival is a yearly celebration that takes place during the summer. It combines Japanese tradition and Buddhist beliefs to honor the ancestral spirits. Over time, O'bon evolved into a family gathering holiday as the spirits of the deceased are believed to revisit the household altar every year at that time. On that occasion, family members meet to pay tribute to their ancestors by visiting and cleaning their graves. But O'bon with its traditional dance called "Bon Odori" is also a time of merriment and joy.

Like every year, August 11th (Fri) is Mountain Day, a national holiday in Japan, which marks the beginning of some holidays for many Japanese, our craftsmen included. So, until August 16th (Wed), the majority of workshops will be closed, production time extended and we will not be able to provide quotations for custom-made items.
All custom-made orders placed before and during this period will be delayed by about a week, but fear not, this will be automatically taken into account in the estimation of the shipping dates displayed on all products, as well as in your cart.

See you soon on KuSakuraShop.com!

(Picture by Guilhem Vellut)

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