November Special Discount

15% OFF on Kata equipment

November is finally here, Japan is slowly being covered in beautiful red leaves and many Japanese will enjoy this beautiful autumn scenery all around the country.
Japanese COVID situation is encouraging with now less than 500 cases/day. Those numbers will probably increase in the near future, but hope has never been higher since the beginning of the pandemic in Japan. We do hope that it's also getting better around you, take good care of yourself and of your close ones.

The luckiest of you went back to the dojo and are already competing. You will maybe soon be able to take the grading examination, and in all Budo, Kata are fundamentals to go further in your practice and achieving excellence. So, for this month's offer, we are running a special 15% discount on Kata equipment! We chose many products from different martial arts in order for you to find the best equipment for your training with, of course, the guarantee of KuSakura quality!

Please note that this discount will only run until November 25th, at 3 pm (JPT). And for the upcoming Black Friday, we're preparing something special for you! Keep your eyes open!

Enjoy the discount, take good care of yourself, and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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