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10% OFF Judo Kata Buki & Protective Equipment

Here we are in May, the Spring is settling in and we had the pleasure to admire Sakura's blossoms all around the country here in Japan. May is also very special for the Japanese as it starts with the "Golden Week", a one-week holiday at the beginning of the month where families gather together.

For this new discount, we will offer a 10% discount on Judo Kata Weapons & all protective equipment!
In all Budo, Kata are fundamentals to go further in your practice and achieve excellence. On KuSakuraShop, you'll find Bokken, Jo, Tanto & Kenju (wooden pistols) to make the most of your training. All these wooden equipment are made in Japan by the last traditional workshops and can be engraved if you want to customize them!
Training is important, and to practice in the best conditions, you have to be protected accordingly! You'll find on KuSakuraShop a lot of different products to protect yourself in the most effective way. We have different equipment depending on your Martial art, we're sure you'll find the perfect item, with as always, KuSakura's pledge of quality.

Please note that this offer will be running for two months, until June 30th, 2 pm JPT.

April report

By popular demand, we added a new product to our Nippon Kenpo equipment lineup: the Flexible Nippon Kenpo Do Uchi (breastplate).
Much appreciated by Kenpo practitioners for its comfort, this made-in-japan breastplate is available in 4 different sizes, and will remain durable over time. This is the perfect accessory for every practitioner who wishes to practice without wearing solid protection. And it is now discounted as part of our monthly offer!

That's it for this time, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on KuSakuraShop.com!

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