KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 1st Edition

KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 1st Edition - 20% OFF on ALL non-Judo products

June has been quite a busy month for our teams both in Tokyo and Osaka. The COVID 19 crisis management, the dojo that are remaining closed until further notice and so on. If we had to choose a color to describe the atmosphere of the current situation, gray would definitely be the one.

This summer, let’s try to brighten the atmosphere and change our mind from all that's happening.

First we would like to give a special thanks to all of you who participated in the KuSakuraShop Special Judo Quiz. This small event we designed to thank our customers for their unyielding loyalty has far exceeded our expectations and we are quite grateful for that. For further information about the quiz, you can scroll down to the June report.

The quiz has just ended and summer has just begun, yet, we have another event to share with our customers in July and it is a rather important one as it consists of the 5th KuSakuraShop Anniversary. Already 5 years since we made KuSakura’s quality of product available to the world and despite the recent situation that may have weakened the shop financially, our motivation to always provide you the most qualitative martial art equipment remains the same and we wish to keep it up like this for as long as we can.

To celebrate KuSakuraShop’s 5th Anniversary, a few very special discounts will be carried on over the next few months and more than ever, this summer is definitely the time to gear up to get back to the Dojo on a sound basis. As such, to start this birthday, in July we thought about our Kendoka, Karateka or Iaidoka fellows and it is 20% OFF on All Non-Judo Equipment available online that we offer you. Shinai, Hakama, Kyudo Equipment all the best KuSakura’s martial equipment available for the best price since the creation of the website in 2015.

June Report

  • A little bit above, we were talking about the KuSakuraShop Judo Quiz and as you were more than 1700 passionate Judoka to try their luck to win the brand new JOF/JNF Judogi, we can call it a success and we might consider doing this sort of event again in the future. Now we will proceed to the prize draw to determine who is the winner of the JOF/JNF Judogi, the belts and the special 20% discount code. Throughout the month, we will proceed to the prize distribution, and naturally as we promised, ALL PARTICIPANTS will be able to benefit from a 5% discount on all their next order regardless of their result on the Quiz. This discount code will be included in a special Newsletter we will send to all the participants by mid-August. Finally, we will release a short blog article so as to sum up this first KuSakuraShop quiz, give some precision on some questions and so on.
  • We recently got back on Twitter but this time with a fixed editorial line. All our most important news and actualities will be shared on our Twitter page but if you want to know all the details of KuSakura’s actualities, the Facebook page and the Newsletter remain the main mediums.

In July, the workload does not get lighter with all the quiz result to analyze, the prize to distribute and quite important side project to work on, it looks like summer seems pretty busy for the KuSakuraShop team.

That’s all at the moment, if you do not want to miss any details of our actuality and projects, feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as to subscribe to the Newsletter.

See you very soon and Happy Birthday KuSakuraShop!

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