July Special Offer

15% OFF on all accessories!

Warm days are finally here and the rainy season (called Tsuyu in Japan) is about to end. Some of you most probably planned to enjoy their summer holidays, participating in seminars?

And when holiday means training, KuSakura is ready. What better way to start the summer season than a brand new ‘Sashiko’ bag to go to the Dojo or a traditional wooden box to store your new belt freshly acquired during the previous month? This month, we offer you 15% OFF on all our accessories until July 19th.

June has been a month of intense preparation for our team in Tokyo, although it was less busy than may. Even though some of us will take turns to take some well-deserved rest, summer is bound to be busy at KuSakura with some new releases arriving very soon on our website. KuSakura Shop will stay operational during the whole summer and our team will be naturally available to help you effectively with all your orders.

Look out for new updates from KuSakura!
Enjoy the discount, have fun on the mats and see you in our shops!

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