Summer Special Offer

10% OFF a Summer Selection

Here we are in Summer, temperatures and humidity are very high here in Japan. It's a difficult season to practice at the dojo, we have to be more cautious about ourselves, take breaks, stay hydrated, and don't push ourselves over the limit. We hope you'll be able to train in the best conditions, no matter the country you're living in. Take good care of yourself!

For this discount, we will offer a 10% discount on a selection of products fitted for summer. You'll find light jackets for your Judo, Kendo, Iaido, or Karate practice, some belts, T-shirts, Judo bags for conveying your equipment (dogi and belt) to the dojo in a design & elegant way, and more.
Summer will be hot, but we are sure that our selection of products will help you to find the perfect gear for your practice during these demanding months, with, as always, KuSakura's pledge of quality.

Please note that this offer will be running for two months, until August 31st, 2 pm JPT.

June report

We continue to add new products to our Nippon Kenpo equipment lineup: the Traditional Nippon Kenpo Groin Protector - Mata Ate is now live.
This rigid shell optimally protects the genital area, with padding around it for maximum comfort and cushioning during practice and impact. This made-in-Japan product will surely please a lot of Nippon Kenpo practitioners!

That's it for this time, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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