February Special Discount

10% Off All Made in Japan Judogi

We're now in February, the coldest month in Japan. Dojos are freezing but trainings are carried on as usual and we're wearing our heaviest and warmest training gear. If you need a new Dogi, it's time to take advantage of the 10% off discount on all made in Japan Judogi!
This current discount ends on February 27th, 10 am JPT.

In the Judo community, February means... Paris Grand Slam!
It's simply the biggest International Judo tournament of the year. Of course, KuSakura will be there with a presentation booth. If're in Paris on the 9th and 10th and want to discover our products, that's the place to be!

We're looking forward to the event and we wish the best to all participants!

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on KuSakuraShop.com!

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