Order Delivery to the Olympic Village

Order Delivery to the Olympic Village

It is possible to place an order on KuSakuraShop and be delivered to the Olympic village, however, this requires a specific procedure due to specific covid prevention measures (which puts the Olympic village under lockdown).

In order to receive a package within the restricted area of the village, you must fill in a MTA form and submit it to the MTA desk at the village at least 24h before the package arrives.
To avoid any mistakes or packages sent back to KuSakura, we need you to send us a copy of your MTA form within 48h after your order has been placed. If we receive an order with a delivery address at the Olympic Village, we will send you the specific form to fill in within 1 business day after your order confirmation.

You can also download instructions here (PDF format):  Tokyo_2020_-_LOG_Desk_at_NOC_Services_Centre_6_July2021_003
And the MTA form here (excel format):  Tokyo_2020_-_MTA_request_form_6_July_2021

KuSakuraShop is entirely committed to providing the best of the best Judo equipment to all practitioners in the world, and this includes athletes coming to Japan for the 2021 Olympics.
For this reason, we have reorganized production so we will be able to deliver any order within 8 days (from the first business day after your order was placed), with the following exceptions:
- The Dojin Master Judogi cannot be produced in 1 week.
- Belts with integrated embroideries cannot be produced in 1 week.
- Logos and special design embroideries orders are suspended until the end of August (to allow us to manufacture and deliver faster during the event).
All other types of embroideries are available as well! So you can order a custom size IJF Judogi with name embroidery, and we will deliver 8 days after your order!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

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