Company wide update and temporary store closure

Dear fellow Budoka, dear Friends,

I trust this missive finds you in good spirits.

I'm reaching out today to share important news about KuSakuraShop & Seido Co., Ltd. Our store will be temporarily closed from January 29th (Mon) to February 5th (Mon), marking a pivotal update. The underlying reason for this hiatus is nuanced but can be concisely put: it's essential for us to optimize our operational procedures, accounting, and internal organization to address an unexpectedly rapid growth.

During this brief closure, we will undertake comprehensive measures, including thorough office space cleaning, machinery servicing, computer system purification, and the installation of necessary new equipment.

For you, there won't be noticeable changes – ongoing orders will proceed as planned, email support will be available, and the storefront will remain accessible and will not suffer significant modifications. However, new orders cannot be placed during this period. Behind the scenes, these changes are vital for significantly improving our ability to manage the growing number of daily orders.

We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your continuous support and trust.

Best regards,
Kazuma Hayakawa

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