Cherry Blossom Special Offer

Cherry Blossom Special Offer on all Judogi for Adults

The Sakura, meaning cherry blossom as you may know, is probably the most honored flower here in Japan. It is also part of the brand's name, and to celebrate this year's bloom and – with a big Judo competition ahead of us (you know the one, but they are extremely touchy about their copyrights) – we decided on a crazy discount: 10% off on all Judogi for Adults: Jackets and Pants!

Be it our high-quality made-in-Japan models or the more affordable made-in-China uniforms, the IJF-approved competition Judogi to get you excited for the big event this summer – you choose what suits you best. We've got you covered!

This offer will be running for two months and will end on April 30th, at 2 pm Japan time.

Enjoy the discount, take good care of yourself, and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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