Beginning of the School Year Special Discount

10% OFF on everything!

We reached the beginning of April, a very special month here in Japan as it symbolizes the beginning of the school year which corresponds to the Sakura period. Cherry trees are blooming all around the country, covering the trees with beautiful white coats for only a few days. Usually, Japanese people gather themselves and have a nice picnic in parks to enjoy this unique scenery, but as you have guessed, due to the actual pandemic, people will only contemplate the view from afar.

To celebrate this symbolic milestone, we decided to make a special discount: 10% OFF on everything on the website. With this discount, you are sure to find what you need, be it a new Judogi, a Kodokan Black Belt, a brand new Shinai, a bag for conveying equipment, or any accessories!

This exclusive discount ends on April 28th, 2pm JPT, so be sure to don't miss it!


In Japan, the first week of May is called the "Golden Week" for its series of national holidays. 
This year, April 29th (Thu), May 3rd (Mon), May 4th (Tue), and May 5th (Wed), which respectively represent Showa Day, Constitution Day, Greenery Day and Children's day will be off. 
Our workshop will close for an entire week, so any order for made-to-order items for which the production time includes the Golden Week will be delayed by about one week (taken into account on the production time displayed on our website).
KuSakuraShop will not take more vacation than necessary and will only be closed these days

Note that if orders won't be processed, we'll keep answering your emails from home (at a slower pace), as usual!

Take care of yourself, of your loved ones, and enjoy this incredible discount! See you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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