2021~2022 New Year's Holidays

Here we are, 2021 will be over soon, another year has passed under the sign of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like 2020, this year was very special for KuSakuraShop (and certainly for you too), we had long periods filled with uncertainty and doubts. The COVID situation is still not as good as we hoped for, nevertheless, we saw an increase in orders during last semester on all our websites, and more especially on the French version (merci à tous). The Judo community has proven to us once again that the values we are living by are worth the efforts we put during these dark times.

We still don't know what 2022 will be made of, but in the meantime, KuSakuraShop will take some well-deserved holidays, we hope it will be the same for you. Take some time for yourself, you don't even have to order something for now, we will be there for you all along the next year.

We will be closed from December 29th to January 4th and we will be back on January 5th (Wed).
Customer support will be kept at a minimum pace, we will make all our possible to answer you within 48h, but if your inquiries are not urgent, we would recommend waiting for all activities to resume.

Please note that all our manufacturing workshops and partners will also be closed at approximately the same dates.
Consequently, all orders containing a product (made to order, out of stock products, etc.) for which the production time includes this holiday period will be delayed by approximately 10 days (But don't worry, the estimated shipping date provided at the checkout takes this holiday period automatically into account).

2021 was a very strange year, with many ups and downs, but we're lucky enough to finish it on the bright side. We wanted to thank you again for your support, we were able to support many craftsmen thanks to you.

All the KuSakuraShop team wish you sweet and wonderful holidays!

We are looking forward to serving you again in 2022!

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