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  • The story of the iconic Judogi - Focus on the Sashiko fabric

    After a first overview of Judogis' manufacturing steps, let's have a deeper overview and focus our attention on the Sashiko fabric that covers most of KuSakura Judogi Jackets. Although this fabric appears to be traditional and aesthetic, some of its characteristics turned out to be a huge advantage in martial arts. This is actually why we can find the Sashiko fabric on all Judo, Aikido as well as Kendo Kendogi today.
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  • The story of the iconic Judogi - The manufacturing steps

    The production steps of a Judogi can be quite complex for non-specialists. Here at KuSakura, we are proud to benefit from a century of experience in the conception of martial art pieces of equipment. Our reputation on the outstanding quality of our models and the major innovations we brought to the industry. As we explained in our quick focus on M.Iwao Hayakawa and in our anniversary article, KuSakura has been the very first company to modernize the production of the 'Sashiko' fabric after the Second World War, fabric entirely handmade before then. Take this article as a guided tour through KuSakura's workshop, the only one in the world to master the entire production line!
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  • The story of the iconic Judogi

    KuSakura is famous to be the inventor of the modern Judogi as we know it today and known as the only brand capable of producing Judogi based on the original one worn by its inventor, Jigoro Kano Sensei. With this article, we would like to share with you some key points about the evolution of this iconic training suit from its origins until nowadays. This article is also the beginning of a series dedicated to the conception of this famous martial art garment that we all wear during our long training session.

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