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[UnderWarmer] Judo T-shirt - Long-Sleeved


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Product description : [UnderWarmer] Judo T-shirt - Long-Sleeved

[UnderWarmer] Judo T-shirt - Long-Sleeved

  • Material: 80% nylon / 20% polyurethane
  • Color: black only
  • Size: 155 to 192 cm
  • Made in Japan

Designed by KuSakura for muscular support for the arms and the center/top of the back in the most optimal manner for the practice of Judo. Improves comfort during practice by reducing perspiration and facilitating evaporation. Made in Japan.

Size chart
UnderWarmer size Size Waist size Chest circumference
SS 155~164 cm 63~78 cm 78~93 cm
SM 164~173 cm 70~91 cm 85~106 cm
LO 163~183 cm 83~103 cm 98~113 cm
XO 168~186 cm 95~118 cm 107~123 cm
XOO 174~190 cm 111~125 cm 116~130 cm
XOOO 178~192 cm 120~133 cm 125~133 cm

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