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Judo Strap


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Product description : Judo Strap

Judo Strap

  • Material: 100% steel
  • Dimensions: 17 mm x 17 mm (+ attached tag: Judo written in Kanji).
  • Made in Japan

This little "key holder" is actually what is called "strap" in Japan, an item that could be attached to mobile phones in the past. Smartphones often do not allow anymore to cling these straps, however, they are still used as accessory on key-rings, bags and cases etc.

This model represents a Judogi jacket (Kimono) with a black belt and has the Kanji for "Judo" written on a small plate.

Seido Co., Ltd. - KuSakura Judogi Dpt.

Shirako 2-27-51
Wako-shi, 351-0101 Saitama-ken
Tel JP: +81.4-8437-1740
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