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Dobari Carbon Graphite Shinai - Hasegawa

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Recommended Accessories

Deluxe Synthetic Leather Carry Bag (123 cm)
KuSakura Kendo Wrist & Hand Pad
Plastic Tsuba & Tsubadome

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High-End Synthetic Leather Shinai Carry Bag ( 123 cm)

If you are looking for a convenient and comfortable high-end carry bag to transport your Shinai safely, this synthetic leather Shinai carry bag is the product you are looking for. Designed to transport 2 Shinai, this model features a shoulder strap as well as a reinforced plastic handle. Two inside fastening straps are included to provide your kendo swords with optimal protection, avoiding them to knock together during the transport. This model also features a pocket for a Tsuba or some other accessories that you may need during your training sessions.

Specifically designed for Kendo, this bag can contain 2 Shinai of a maximum length of 120 cm). Made from an extremely resistant synthetic leather, this carry bag definitely offers great protection for your Shinai.

Synthetic Leather Shinai Carry Bag technical specifications

  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 123 cm (length) x 9.5 cm (width)
  • Weight: approx. 600 g
  • Details: pocket for Tsuba (guard), shoulder strap, reinforced plastic handle

Optional: Nameplate embroidery :

Optionally, we offer to embroider your first OR family name on a piece of synthetic leather that will be slipped into the bag's pocket, provided for that purpose. If you choose one of the options "English", the content will be embroidered in English. If you choose one of the "Japanese" options, the content will be embroidered in Japanese (if entered in English, our team translates it free of charge).
For more information, thank you to check the section " Embroideries and Engravings"

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Kendo Hand & Wrist Protector

This Kendo Hand & Wrist Pad is destinated for the practitioners who suffer at each strike on the back of the hand, the wrist, forearm or who want to add protection to their wrist in order to not get hurt. As the pad is less thick on the wrist, it doesn't change the movement when you swing the Shinai. The elastic bands at the hand allow the protector to be firmly fixed on your hand without modifying the way you hold your Shinai.

Kendo Hand & Wrist Pad technical specifications

  • Color: Navy
  • Pad Thickness: 5 mm
  • Size: S ~ L
  • Made in Japan
Size Wrist circumference
S 13 ~ 16 cm
M 15 ~ 18 cm
L 19 ~ 21 cm

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Plastic Tsuba (guard) & Tsubadome (rubber ring) for Bokken

This plastic Tsuba (guard) is what is the most basic to symbolize the guard of the sword. Quite solid, it can absorb shocks.
Although a Tsuba does not seem essential for the Judo no Kata, it is generally used to give the wooden sword a closer aspect to the Katana. It can fits on all the bokken offered on KuSakuraShop.

The rubber ring (Tsubadome) is proposed as an option in white or brown.

Tsuba & Tsubadome technical specifications

  • Material: 100% PVC
  • Dimensions:
    - outside: 7.7 cm (length) x 7.7 cm (height)
    - inside: 2.5 cm (length) x 3.5 cm (height)
  • Tsubadome (rubber ring) color: white or brown
  • Made in Japan

Product Information & Size Chart

  • Dobari Carbon Graphite Shinai - Hasegawa

    Please note that due to the size limitations set by DHL, 39 size Shinai can only be shipped with FedEx, UPS, and EMS (Japan Post)

    This Dobari Carbon Graphite Shinai was developed with the technology implemented and commercialized in 1985 by the Hasegawa company. Immensely successful throughout the world, this Shinai consists of a bamboo core covered with carbon fiber slats and reinforced with a synthetic polymer. The result of this combination is merely the most durable Shinai currently on the market, extremely resistant to impacts but significantly less flexible than its traditional bamboo made counterparts. Consequently, some techniques using the rebound of the weapon might be more complicated to place during practice, a point that has to be considered accordingly to your practice style. Considering that carbon made models are free of any regular maintenance ritual, this Shinai turns out to be an ideal choice for practitioners wearing a lot of Shinai out during their training sessions.

    This model is the Dobari version of the Classic Carbon Graphite Shinai. Dobari-style Shinai see their center of gravity moved toward the Tsuka (the handle) lightening the tip. An ideal choice to work on fast and sharp strikes. Although the carbon fiber conception of this Shinai prevents any splitting or cracking issue, users are not exempted from equipment verification before every training session.

    This product is available in size 37, 38 and 39 adapted for men or women. When the assembled option is selected, this Shinai is provided with a Tsukagawa made from tanned leather (grip handle) and a white Tsuru.

    Hasegawa Classic Carbon Graphite Shinai Specifications

    • Available sizes: 37 to 39
    • Easy to replace (Sold per unit Slats available, please contact us)
    • Authorized in competition in Japan & Europe
    Technical Specifications
    Size Length Weight Diameter
    39 120 cm > 470 g 26 mm
    38 117 cm > 440 g 26 mm
    37 114 cm > 405 g 26 mm

    *Add 50g for the assembled weight. Compliant with competition regulations.
    *Women adapted models are of a slightly lighter color.

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Dobari Carbon Graphite Shinai - Hasegawa: ¥31,000


1 x Deluxe Synthetic Leather Carry Bag (123 cm): ¥8,250
1 x :
1 x KuSakura Kendo Wrist & Hand Pad: ¥3,000
1 x Plastic Tsuba & Tsubadome: ¥110
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