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Delivery & Availability Information

Any order over $ 99.00 made on KuSakuraShop.com is illegible for free Shipping. For orders under that amount, regardless of the content, the shipping cost is $ 10.00. Due to numerous factors, we take it upon ourselves to select the appropriate transporter for all the parcels we send, namely FedEx for Europe, UPS for North America, and EMS for Asia. 
Orders for South America and Africa are subject to additionnal shipping fees charged at checkout.


FedEx UPS EMS E-packet
Transportation method
Application field All orders shipped to Europe
All packages except small ones (less than 250 g > E-packet) and remote regions (replaced by UPS)
Any order shipped to North America.
Except very small parcels (less than 250 g > E-packet.)
Replaces FedEx in Europe in certain zones.

Any order shipped to Asian countries and for zones not covered by UPS/FedEx 

Used only for the smallest packages (less than 250 g) and zones not covered by other carriers.
Delivery times 5 business days 4 business days 10 business days (can take up to 3 weeks in some regions) 10 business days
Online tracking Yes, on the official website Yes, on the official website Yes, on the Japanese Post website Yes, on the Japanese Post website
Some countries do not offer online tracking and a query to the local post will be necessary.
Delivery address modification Yes ($ 8.00 additional fees) Yes ($ 8.00 additional fees) Impossible Impossible
Insurance Yes, for the whole package. Yes, for the whole package. Yes, for the whole package. Yes, for the whole package.
Pricing $ 10.00 for orders below $ 99.00 - free beyond that amount.
  • KuSakuraShop may change the delivery method compared to that displayed at order confirmation without notice due to particular conditions imposed by the carrier. Tracking information will be updated and will be sent in the confirmation email before dispatch of the order.

Where do you deliver?

We ship worldwide, with the exception of countries that are closed or in conflict. However, deliveries to South America and Africa require additional fees that will be charged at checkout. 
If your country isn't in the list, please drop us an email and we'll add it asap.

What are the delivery times?

  • Belts, Kimono (Judogi) and weapons are delivered within 5 business days starting from shipping date.
  • Small parcels (below 250 g) are delivered within 10 days starting from shipping date.
  • The approximate time of manufacture / preparation of each product are indicated on each product page.

This delay is to add to the delivery time for the total processing time of your order until delivery.

Note that KuSakuraShop is an international export platform for KuSakura products. The products we offer are not physically stored in our office. We send orders to the KuSakura warehouse once or twice a week, and we are delivered once or twice a week. This guarantees a fast and efficient management of all orders. However, KuSakura has several warehouses / workshops located in various parts of Japan. Given the artisan nature of the products, we cannot communicate on the status of stocks in real time. It is also impossible for us to guarantee the delivery of any order in less than 10 total days.

Online tracking

UPS service: UPS Online Tracking
> Re-delivery: upon appointment.
> Delivery address modification fee: ($ 8.00 / parcel). To be paid via KuSakuraShop. We will contact you for billing.

FedEx service: FedEx Online Tracking
> Re-delivery: upon appointment.
> Delivery address modification fee: ($8.00 / parcel). To be paid to KuSakuraShop. We will contact you for billing.

Service Japan Post (national post) : JapanPost Online Tracking
> Re-delivery: specific to the postal office. It may be necessary to collect the parcel at the post office.
> Delivery address modification: Impossible

What are the warranties?

All packages are insured for their full value. If a package is damaged or lost, a delay of 10 days is required to perform an investigation into the causes of the problem.
If your package is clearly damaged upon delivery, it is imperative that you fill a reserve claim in the presence of the deliveryman. Problems are very rare, but it can happen that this procedure is required by the carrier.
The order is then replaced by our services at no extra charge for the customer.


Note that KuSakuraShop does not accept any returns for "bounced" reasons (no longer lives at the address listed), denial of the parcel by the recipient, unclaimed package, wrong destination address, or refusal to pay the custom fees. Packages returned for one of these reasons will be made available for redirection for 15 days (the return postage to be paid by the customer before shipping). After this time, the products will restocked and a voucher of an the amount equivalent to that of the products minus the shipping and 10% of storage costs will be proposed to the client for use over a period of one year from the issuance of the voucher.

Products availability and shipping times

Product Availability Preparation / manufacturing time Shipping time Delivery time (total)
In warehouse 7 to 10 days 5 to 7 days 2 to 3 weeks
Upon order 3 to 4 weeks 5 to 7 weeks 4 to 5 weeks
Belts without integrated embroideries
In stock 1 to 3 days 5 to 7 days 7 to 10 days
Belts without integrated embroideries
In warehouse 7 to 10 days 5 to 7 days 2 to 3 weeks
Belts with integrated embroideries
All models
Upon order 3 to 4 weeks 5 to 7 days 4 to 5 weeks
Wooden weapons
All products
In stock 1 to 3 days
* + 5 days if engraved
5 to 7 days 1 to 2 weeks
All products
In stock (or in warehouse) 1 to 3 days 5 to 7 days 1 to 2 weeks
  • In stock: available directly from the expedition platform (our offices).
  • In warehouse: available in the KuSakura Tokyo, Osaka or Fukuoka storehouses
  • Upon order: made upon order

  • * Note that in case of shortage of the products indicated in stock, 7 to 10 days may be necessary for restocking.

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