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Returns & Refund Policy

In all cases, note that it is imperative to contact us before returning your order to confirm that the product is eligible for refund and so that we communicate to you the return procedure.

KuSakuraShop will not accept any return as a result of Dead letter mail, refusal of the parcel by the recipient, unclaimed package, wrong destination address or refusal to pay customs fees. In the latter case, the package will be forwarded to the new address provided by the customer at his expense.

You have changed your mind and wish to return/exchange a product

Because you have the right to change your mind, KuSakuraShop accept exchanges / returns within 7 business days from the date of reception of the order. If you change your mind and want to change one or more products or you want a refund of your purchase, return shipping costs will be at your charge.
Returned products must be in perfect condition for resale in their original packaging, unworn, unwashed, and all accessories relating to the products must be returned with them.

The products can not be returned / exchanged:

  • Made-to-order products
  • Embroidered or engraved products
  • Custom orders
  • Items on sale
  • Items that are no longer being manufactured

Product return procedure:

  1. Please contact us via the contact form and explain your reasons for wanting to return the product.
  2. We will get back to you with the return and re-shipping cost as well as the return procedure.
  3. You confirm the return by return mail and proceed to the sending of the item.
  4. Once your package arrives at our offices, we will confirm the return via email and proceed to the exchange or refund, according to your choice.

You have received the wrong product and wish to return it

While we conduct thorough controls for each order before shipment, a mistake is always possible. In this case, exchange is fully at our expense. Given the cost of return and re-shipment, several solutions are available, treated case by case, and it will be up to you to decide.

Return procedure:

  1. Please contact us within 7 business days following the reception of your order via our contact form.
  2. We will get back to you with the return procedure within 48-hours.
  3. Please return the package.
  4. We will contact you upon reception of the package and proceed to refund the shipping costs.
  5. We will ship the new product as soon as possible.

One or several products were damaged on arrival.

If the package arrives in a very bad state:

It is crucial to open it in presence of the carrier. If you have any doubt about the state of the product, we advise you to immediately refuse the package indicating on the delivery slip "parcel refused because damaged".
If the parcel presents obvious signs of openings and lacks one or more articles, you should also reject it and immediately fill a damage report with the carrier.
We will need a duplicate of that report to be able to refund you or reship your order.

The package is not damaged but the products are:

If the package does not show clear signs of damage, but one or more products are, then it is possible that the shipped product has a manufacturing defect. We will have to determine if the problem is due to transport or if it was present before shipping. Note that our quality controls are very thorough, all of our orders are controlled piece by piece upon arrival at our office and we control each product before shipping. Therefore, it is extremely rare for a damaged product to be shipped out. Sometimes, however, an engraving or embroidery is not properly performed. In such cases, please consult the previous paragraph for the return procedure ("You have received the wrong product and wish to return it").

Return procedure:

  1. Please contact us to share your concerns about the product and attach a copy of the damage report.
  2. We determine whether the problem is due to us or to the carrier (if the problem is due to us, please see previous section).
  3. We pass on the claim to the shipping company (Japanese side) and launch the insurance procedure.
  4. Upon confirmation of the acceptance of the application by the insurer, we resend (or refund) your order.

Note that no application will be processed if it is not accompanied by a statement made with the carrier.

Further information on refund:

PayPal and Stripe offer a level of security unmatched by any local or international bank, but some limitations exist, especially for refunds.

Your bank details are not stored on KuSakuraShop, this information is stored in a temporary database on Stripe or Paypal for 6 weeks. This is the time frame during which we are able to conduct a full or partial refund of an order. After this time, we can no longer make a refund due to technical reasons. If necessary, you will be offered a refund in the form of a voucher. If you have a PayPal account, the refund can be made without time limits.

We sincerely regret not being able to make the refunds over a longer time period, however, this is directly related to the security of payments and we believe that it is best to focus on security rather than flexibility. Of course, our staff is attentive and will do its best to reach a satisfactory solution if this situation occurs.

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