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Services - Weapon Engraving

Available fonts (style) 4 Japanese fonts, 3 English fonts
Depth Superficial finish is quite discreet but might fade over time, standard is deep enough to stand forever, deep gives a burning finish and can go up to 1 mm.
Free transcriptions It is possible to write your name directly in Japanese (if you know the transcription) or in English in which case we will make of the translation. Multiple translations exist for a same name, so we cannot accept claims for our translation work. (You can use the text field to add explanations if the pronunciation is not usual in your country of residence. If you have a translation, please attach a picture). We do not translate expressions, only words and names. Requests for complex translations will be ignored and refunded. Please also note that initials cannot be translated in Japanese. Consequently, they will always be embroidered in English.
Limitations We engrave in English and Japanese only (we cannot engrave in Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, etc.) For any special request (logo/design), contact us prior to your order. (Undiscussed demands will be ignored).
More information Embroidery workshop & Japanese free translation (on site).

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