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Judo Kata Wooden Sword - Bokken made in Japan


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[Bokken] Standard Model (101.5 cm)


[Cover] Cotton Cover for Bokken/Jo

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Product description : Standard Bokken 101.5 cm (MJ150)

Standard shape Bokken for Kata practice

The "standard" Bokken is available in red oak, white oak or Isu no Ki. It features a simple and basic finish, a flat Tsukagashira (pommel/butt), a flat Mine (spine), and a small Kissaki (tip). The wood used for these models, unlike for the model called "superior", is not especially selected. This standard model is what we recommend in general, more than enough for the practice of Kata in Judo, regardless of the practitioner's level.

The red oak and the white oak are equally solid and resilient to shocks (white oak is slightly more resistant). However, the Isu no Ki is somewhat less solid and therefore not suited for contact practice. The absence of the contact in the Judo no Kata allows to choose either of these 3 wood essences, depending on your color and weight preferences.

As option a carry bag suitable for both, Bokken and Jo is offered. The cover is originally designed to hold a single weapon, but two weapons (one Bokken and one Jo) can fit in as well. More information on the specific product page "Protection for Bokken/Jo".

  • Choice of wood species: red oak, white oak, Isu no Ki
  • Optional Tsuba (guard): plastic or strong leather (Tsubadome (rubber ring) is provided)
  • Manufacturing workshops: Horinouchi, Aramaki and Matsuzaki
Technical specifications
Wood IchiiKashi
Red oak
White oak
Isu no Ki
(Distilium racemocum)
Weight ~550 g ~600 g ~530 g
Full length 101.5 cm
Blade length 75.5 cm
Handle (Tsuka) length 26 cm
Pommel/butt diameter 37x26 mm
Spine (Mine) flat (Hiramine)
Pommel/butt (Tsukagashira) flat (Taira)
Tip (Kissaki) small (Shokissaki)

* due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary slightly from on weapon to another

Further information

[Engraving] Laser Engraving N°1


[Engraving] Laser Engraving N°2

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Information about engraving

All engravings are made with the high-end professional Gravograph machine (French brand). The engraving delays the shipping for 5 days. (resulting in a total delay of 5 days for in stock products or 3 to 4 weeks for products made to order.)

Engravings can be made at various positions on the weapon, and on both, the right and the left side (when held). For logo engravings or other engraving positions please contact us for a quotation.

The laser engraving is only superficial (at a depth of less than 1 mm), preserving the integrity of the weapon.

1 - Engraving content

By default we offer name and/or family name engravings as well as other expressions up to a maximum of two words.
It is necessary to choose the corresponding option for the desired engraving to ensure a correct billing. Meaning $9 for a name and 17€ for first AND family name or other engravings containing maximally two words.

  • First OR family name: e.g. Marc, Tony, Smith, Miller, etc. including double-barreled names.
  • First AND family name: e.g. Marc Miller, Tony Smith etc. (To avoid long engravings, we do not recommend double-barreled name PLUS family name.)
  • Initials: e.g. MT, CD, etc. carried out in English (Block or cursive letter) only (initials do not exist in Japanese lettering).
  • Other word: e.g. Dojo name, or common expression such as "Judo" or "Jujutsu". Note that this option is limited to a maximum of 2 words.
2 - Letter size

The standard size is 7.5 mm / character. The engraving being significantly more accurate than the embroidery, this size provides easily readable and well marked but discrete characters. In addition, we offer character sizes of 10 mm and 12 mm.

Note that the exact character size is optimized by our engraving workshop according to the content, number of characters and the position of the engraving.

3 - Languages and fonts

It is possible to engrave in Japanese and English. For engravings in Japanese, free translation is provided. In this case you simply have to enter your name in English and then choose the option "Japanese" - [...]"

  • In Japanese: vertical only, classic font Kaishotai, cursive Gyoshotai, usual gothique, or seal Hanko.
  • In English: vertical or horizontally
  • In English cursive letters: horizontally only
  • Note: Initials do not exist in Japanese. Any initial engravings will be automatically engraved in English!
4 - Position

We recommend engravings placed on the bottom of the blade because of their discreetness and because they do not interfere with the grip. Engravings on the handle are also common, however, we do not recommend engravings on the blade or the center of the Jo to avoid deterioration of the engraving and endangering the integrity of the weapon.

It is possible to engrave each side of the Bokken/Tanto/handgun. The right/left side is determined when holding the weapon (in a position ready to attack).

  • Bokken/Tanto: bottom of the blade
  • Bokken/Tanto: handle (grip)
  • Bokken/Tanto: center of the blade
5 - Content

This field is required. This is the engraving content. This field must contain ONLY the desired content (maximally 30 characters).

6 - Files or additional comments/instructions

In the field "other instructions" you can give us more details regarding the engraving content and its realization.

Finally, you can upload a picture of the desired engraving. Note that in many cases there are several variations for the name transcription in Japanese. We will not accept any claims regarding name transcriptions in Japanese if no further/exact instructions were given.

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