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Services - Belt Embroidery

Available fonts (style) Block or cursive for English, and Kaishotai (standard) or Gyoshotai (semi-cursive) for Japanese.
Available colors 20 colors - the most popular for black belts is golden brown.
Integrated and Non-Integrated Embroidery For belt embroideries, you can choose between non-integrated and integrated embroidery embroideries.
An "integrated" embroidery means embroidered realized on the outer surface before the manufacture of the belt and before the lines of stitching on the belt are added. This implies that these stitches are sewn onto and through the embroidery, leading to very resistant and durable embroideries, invisible on the reverse side of the belt. As this is a custom made product, manufacturing takes usually about 3 weeks.
"Non-integrated" embroideries are added after the fabrication of the belt. This means that the back side of the embroidery is visible on the reverse side of the belt. This type of embroidery is faster and easier to achieve (made within 3 business days) than integrated embroideries and therefore charged less. Non-integrated embroideries can be made on all belts, white or black, except on the JOGS model which is too thick to achieve good quality embroidery...
Free transcriptions Write your name in English and select a "Japanese" font. In that case, we will take care of the transcription ourselves. It can happen that several transcriptions exist for the same name, and we cannot accept any claim concerning our choice. (Please use the text field to add a comment if the pronunciation of your name is unusual. If you already have a transcription, please attach a picture). We only translate names or words, not sentences or expressions. Such requests will be ignored and refunded if not discussed and agreed prior to your order. Please also note that initials cannot be translated in Japanese. Consequently, they will always be embroidered in English.
Limitations We embroider in Japanese and English only (no Chinese, Korean, etc.). For any special requests/logo embroidery etc., contact us prior to your order (otherwise, such comments may be ignored).
More information Embroidery Workshop & Japanese Free Translation (on site)

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