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Lightweight Beginner Judogi Yamato Nishiki


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  • Jacket & Pants
  • Embroideries
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[Jacket] Judogi Beginner "Yamato Nishiki" (JSY)


[Pants] Judogi Beginner "Yamato Nishiki" (JSY)

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Product description: Judogi Recreational Judo 'Yamato Nishiki' (JSY)

Judogi Recreational Judo Yamato Nishiki

The Judo Gi Yamato Nishiki (JSY), made in China, but under KuSakura's strict specifications, is the entry level model of KuSakura. Yamato is the name given to ancient Japan, and Nishiki refers to the embroidered brocade fabrics (silk). The name emphasizes the weaving technique used for this model, a technique that became rare in our days.

Do not be surprised by its low price, this is a Judogi of great quality, very comfortable to wear, and super soft. With its excellent performance, and elaborate cut at the level of the waist providing a great fit, this is the perfect Judogi for beginners - but not only.

Designed as single layer (single thickness), the jacket is, like all models of the brand, made of Sashiko fabric (rice grain weave) on the upper part, and Hishisashi fabric (diamond weave) on the lower part.

There is no other beginner's Judogi on the market offered in 16 different sizes, starting from 115 cm (age 5) up to 190 cm. The matching size is displayed in the size selector below the product pictures (this model tends to be quite large so you might want to consider the smallest size if you are between 2 sizes).

Although this Judogi is not suited for regional and national competition because of its light weight, it is sufficient for local competition and grading exams up to the brown belt.

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Single layer
  • Weight (size 5): approx. 1.8 kg
  • Shrinkage: approx. 10% (already included in the size calculation)
  • Availability: usually within 7 to 10 days

[Jacket Embroidery] Judogi Jacket Customization


[Pants Embroidery] Judogi Pants Customization

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About embroideries

All embroideries are realized on a high-end professional machine of the brand Barudan. An embroidery delays the shipping of the product by 5 days, (resulting in a total delay of 2 weeks for in stock Judogi, and about 6 weeks for Judogi made to order).

The embroideries have an average size of 2.5 cm per character for Japanese characters and English capital letters and 1.5 to 2 cm for English lowercase letters.

Embroideries are available on the border tail, right sleeve and left chest of the jacket, and on the left side of the pants. If you want a logo embroidery on the chest or shoulder, please contact us for a quotation.

1 - Embroidery position

Embroideries are available on the border tail, the right sleeve and the left chest. It is not possible to embroider the left sleeve because of th brand logo on that side. The embroidery size varies depending on the position and the available space on the product. The size of a particularly long name for example will be reduced to fit the maximum possible embroidery length.

  • Border tail (vertical for Japanese characters, horizontal for English cursive letters): maximum 3 cm / character, maximum total length 16 cm.
  • Right sleeve (horizontal only): maximum 4 cm / character, maximum length 13 cm.
  • Left chest (vertical only): maximum 5 cm / character, maximum 15 cm length.

Name + initial = 2 names. If the requested embroidery content differs from the number of word option, your embroidery will be reduced to what has been paid.

2 - Embroidery content

By default we offer name and/or family name embroideries as well as other expressions up to a maximum of two words.
It is necessary to choose the corresponding option for the desired embroidery to ensure a correct billing.

  • First OR family name: e.g. Marc, Tony, Smith, Miller, etc. including double-barreled names.
  • First AND family name: e.g. Marc Miller, Tony Smith etc. (To avoid long embroideries, we do not recommend double-barreled name PLUS family name.)
  • Initials: e.g. MT, CD, etc. carried out in English (Block or cursive letter) only (initials do not exist in Japanese lettering).
  • Other word: e.g. Dojo name, or common expression such as "Judo" or "Jujutsu". Note that this option is limited to a maximum of 2 words.
3 - Languages and fonts

It is possible to embroider in Japanese and English. For embroideries in Japanese free translation is provided. In this case you simply have to enter your name in English and then select "Japanese - Kaishotai" or "Japanese - Gyoshotai"

  • In Japanese: vertical only, standard font Kaishotai or calligraphy Gyoshotai
  • In English: vertical or horizontal
  • In English cursive letters: horizontal only.
  • Note: Horizontal embroideries on the border tail are shifted to the bottom of the jacket (see product pictures).
  • Note: Initials do not exist in Japanese. Any initial embroideries will be automatically embroidered in English!
4 - Content

This field is required. This is the embroidery content. This field must contain ONLY the desired content (maximally 30 characters).

5 - Colors

You can choose of 20 different colors for your embroideries.
Note that for quality reasons the colors silver and gold are not shiny/metallic as for the black belt integrated embroideries.

6 - Files or additional comments/instructions

In the field "other instructions" you can give us more details regarding the embroiderie content and its realization.

Finally, you can upload a picture of the desired embroidery. Note that in many cases there are several variations for the name transcription in Japanese. We will not accept any claims regarding name transcriptions in Japanese if no further/exact instructions were given.

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