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  • The story of the iconic Judogi - Focus on the Sashiko fabric

    After a first overview of Judogis' manufacturing steps, let's have a deeper overview and focus our attention on the Sashiko fabric that covers most of KuSakura Judogi Jackets. Although this fabric appears to be traditional and aesthetic, some of its characteristics turned out to be a huge advantage in martial arts. This is actually why we can find the Sashiko fabric on all Judo, Aikido as well as Kendo Kendogi today.
    Article tags: Dogi, Focus, Judo, Savoir-faire


  • Focus on Jigoro Kano

    Almost 160 years ago, the founder of modern Judo was born in Kobe, Japan. After having mastered different styles of Ju-Jutsu with great masters such as Fukuda Hachinosuke and Iso Masatomo, he designed his vision of martial arts by creating his own: Judo. Determined to work for the international recognition of his sport, he created the Kodokan in 1882, where many generations of Judoka will train. On this special day, we would like to pay tribute to this great man through an article recounting some essential points of his life and his work for the development of Judo worldwide.
    Article tags: Anniversary, Focus, Judo, Judo History

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