October Special Offer

10% Off on All Belts and their embroideries!

Summer has officially come to an end and we are entering a period of mild temperatures here in Japan. Autumn is also supposed to be a great period to practice Judo and train for forthcoming competitions, but due to the current pandemic, it is still quite complicated in a lot of countries.

This is actually in this context that we ran a discount on all Kata equipment last month for the last edition of our 5 years online anniversary. It has been since the closing of Horinouchi in September 2019, one of the main traditional workshops in Japan that we haven’t handled a discount on our weapons. And to be honest, this discount was a great success and a lot of you were happy to be given a good opportunity to renew their Kata equipment set.

This month we are back to our normal discount policy and for those who wanted for a long time to purchase or to change their belt, we are offering 10% OFF on every belt and all their embroideries!

Please note that this discount will only be running until October 30th, 4pm (Japan Time).

September report

  • In September, we took some time for project planification. A lot of things will soon change in the shop and this is a tough project that all our team is trying to release as soon as possible. Eventually, to give you a small taste of the new features our team is working on, information will be clearer especially in the cart and the multilingual navigation will be greatly improved.
  • On the same note, for those of you who participated in the KuSakuraShop Judo Quiz #1 and given the great success this event had in the Judo community, our team is already working on a similar project, but no date scheduled at the moment.

That’s all for this month.

Stay safe, be careful, enjoy our discount and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop.

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