October Special Offer

15% OFF on All our Belts and their Embroideries

The end of the typhoon period always announces the arrival of one of the most beautiful season in Japan. The Momiji (maple) season is just starting, and it is undoubtedly the ideal period to enjoy the outstanding colors that wilting leaf offer during the Japanese autumn. A landscape and temperatures perfect for an unplanned outdoor training session.

Grades exams are over for some and approaching for others, it is now time to change your old fraying belt with a brand new KuSakura belt. And this month, KuSakura offers 15% OFF on all the belts and their embroideries! Whether you plan to pass a Kyu, a Dan or just would like to offer a new belt to your relatives, it is the moment to benefit from this offer which will be running until October 28th, 10 am (Japan Time).

September Report

  • This month, we have released a brand new section on our website specifically dedicated to our blog articles. Through these various topics, you will be able to find out more about the brand KuSakura, Judo, and about martial arts in general. We deeply wish to share all our passion as well as our experience with our audience. All in all, we will do our best to keep a steady publication frequency, some months being busier than others, some of our articles might be delayed from time to time.
  • September was the occasion to benefit from our exceptional “Back to The Dojo” monthly offer which has been well received by our customers who were able to get back to the dojo with equipment essential to be back on track in good conditions. Many of you decided to return to the Dojo with a new Judogi and regarding this point, our Competition Japan Judogi JOF model, specifically designed for competitors, turned out to be well appreciated this month. Furthermore, our Kuroobi Shusu Kodokan JGK model remains an unbeatable classic of our black belt line.

This month has been quite busy for our workshop in Osaka and October is set to be the same for our staff. Furthermore, the autumn season is the ideal period to practice any sport in Japan and it is particularly true within schools. October 14th is actually a public holiday, dedicated to “Health and Sports” and most probably that some of our staff at KuSakura will head to the dojo to practice their new techniques.

Enjoy this month discount and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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