November Special Offer

10% Off All Belts

Winter is coming fast, close your Judogi with a brand new belt.

We know that belts are popular Christmas presents, but belts with integrated embroideries take 3 weeks to manufacture. For the November discount, we've decided to offer 10% discount off belts and their embroideries, so you can start planning for Christmas and order the most awesome quality belts for yourself or your loved ones. 

November is also the Black Friday / Cyber Monday month. Last year, we offered a classic discount but this time, we're working on a new concept, so stay tuned, it will be announced a few days before the beginning of the event!

We've also started to publish some interesting stories about Judo and Judogi history on Facebook, so check out the KuSakuraShop Facebook page!

This discount ends on November 30th, 10 am JPT. 

    Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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