November Special Offer

15% OFF on All Judogi!

After the most powerful typhoon ever experienced since 1958, it is time for recovery in a lot of areas in Japan. More shaken than hurt, the activity has finally resumed its normal course both at our workshop in Osaka and at our offices in Tokyo.

Some of you were quite thrilled from our last monthly discount on belts and all their embroideries, and we thought that it might be time for some of our customers to refresh their entire Judo set. In November, it is 15% OFF that we offer on all the Judogi that are available on our website! For the most far-sighted of you, it is the perfect time to anticipate the coming Christmas and New Year’s gifts.

October Report

  • The Kusakura Sauna Suit is now available on KuSakuraShop. CramerJapan and KuSakura’s engineers worked hard to design the very first Sauna Suits: it is flexible, resistant and stretchy enough to allow excellent freedom of movements during your training sessions. This training garment will be a reliable ally for all martial art practitioners who need some equipment for weight management to prepare their forthcoming competitions. Comfortable, this product efficiently retains moisture for optimal warming and better toxin elimination. This outfit is even used during his training sessions by our partner Alexandre Mariac, winner of the Pan American Open in Cordoba and of the Team French Championships this year.
  • “Referee Equipment”, this is the title of the new section we just released on our website, in which you will be able to purchase all the equipment you need to ensure the smooth running of a martial art match. Kendo referees can already purchase their flags online!
  • We also published our third article about the manufacturing steps of your favorite Judogi. With this new episode of our little series of articles about “The story of the iconic Judogi”, dive with us in the heart of our Osaka workshop activity.
  • October 28th was a very special day for Judo as it was the birthday of its inventor, Jigoro Kano. On this occasion, we realized a small focus on Kano Sensei, his life and his work for Judo development during his lifetime as well as his heritage.

Finally, the address of KuSakura’s Tokyo Showroom has changed and is now located on the 3rd floor of the NOGUCHI Building, 1-13-2 Hongou Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033. Still situated only 5 min away from the Kodokan, this new Showroom will be wider and better arranged, a quality that will allow us to welcome you in better conditions when you stop by to visit us during your stay in Tokyo.

Enjoy the monthly discount and see you soon on!

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