November Special Offer

10% OFF All Kendogi, Iaidogi & Hakama!

While we are all still undergoing difficult times, fall is dressing trees with their colored leaf coat, allowing us a little break when admiring the beautiful landscape of this very particular season during this very particular year.

Recently, with what is happening around the world, it is difficult for us to forecast and anticipate the future. The second COVID-19 wave that is currently striking Europe, America still on the struggle and Asia on the other hand, that seems to be rather spared, although we can note a rising of the cases in Japan.

Consequence of this situation, more and more people are transitioning to martial arts using weapons, more appropriate in terms of hygiene in such a context. This is why this month, we decided to hold a 10% discount on all Kendogi, Iaidogi & Hakama, so that you can get brand new equipment optimised for this transition.

Please note that this discount will only run until November 26.

On an ending note we would like to thank the all Judo community. A lot of international e-commerce website are currently struggling with handling the current crisis, and KuSakuraShop is no exception. Without your unyielding support and your orders, we wouldn’t be where we are today and this is thanks to you if we can keep offering Made in Japan Budo equipment to the world.

For the forthcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday, we are preparing something very special as usual during this period of the year.

Stay tuned on our social media and our actuality and see you soon on KuSakuraShop.

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