New Kendo Products & Summer Discount

KuSakura has the reputation of being the best Judogi equipment brand in the world, but what is less known the West is that KuSakura is not only a Judo equipment specialist but a Budo equipment generalist. KuSakura is the number one Budo equipment company in Japan and offers equipment for all Budo, Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Jukendo, Aikido, Kyudo, Naginata, Sumo and even Taihojutsu and Nippon Kempo. 

Those equipment will be added, category by category, to our online store in the following months. 
For starters, we've already published all our Kendogi and Kendo/Iaido Hakama, and to celebrate, we offer 10% OFF on those products until August 27th. 

Enjoy the discount, and stay tuned for all the new products coming soon. 

New Kendo Products & Summer Discount
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