Mid Summer Special Offer

15% OFF on all Judogi!

Holidays come to an end for some of you while it is only the beginning for some others. Between the waves on the shore and the wave of promotion on KuSakura Shop, selecting your spot has never been that difficult.

Certainly though, the most passionate of you will follow the path to the mats, and for sure, with 15% OFF on all our Judogi this is the ideal occasion to look your best in a brand new KuSakura Judogi during your forthcoming seminars. Note that this exceptional offer will also be shorter: it will end on August 8th at 10 am (Japan time), just before our charity event.

    August is the month of O’Bon, a Japanese Buddhist tradition to commemorate the ancestors in Japanese families. Filial piety indeed represents one of the pillars of Japanese society and culture. During this period, Japanese companies are used to close for a week in order to allow their employees to visit their family and the graves of their ancestors. It is also a great time of reunion for all generations within families.

    Nevertheless, you will still be able to order as usual during this period as the delay will be anticipated in our shipping estimations on the website.

    Look out for new updates from KuSakura!
    Enjoy the discount, have fun on the mats and see you in our shops!

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