KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 3rd Edition

KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 3rd Edition - 20% OFF on all IJF Equipment

The rainy season is finally over and while it lasted for way longer than expected, it is now the turn of record high temperatures to settle and for it is not less than 40°C announced by experts for some days, it is definitely pretty hard to go to train at the Dojo. Whether it is in Japan or anywhere else around the world, the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing. At KuSakuraShop, we knock on wood, as everyone in the team and their loved ones are safe and we hope it will keep going this way for us as well as for our customers. As usual, stay safe, respect all protective measures implemented by governments such as washing hands on a regular basis, social distancing and wear a mask. If we all respect these measures, we will be back at the Dojo in no time!

On another note, it is not because the Tokyo Olympic games have been postponed to 2021 that we should forget about getting ready for next competitions. It is actually the best time to gear up as KuSakuraShop still celebrates its 5th year of online presence Anniversary! For this 3rd edition, it is 20% OFF on all IJF Equipment that we offer to competitors. JOF, JNV, JOVB are some of the few discounted IJF products but we also decided to include some extra products extremely useful for competitors of all levels.

This offer will end on August 31st at 11 am (Japan Time).

O’Bon 2020

The O’Bon is a Japanese Buddhist tradition to commemorate the ancestors in Japanese families. Filial piety is one of the pillars of Japanese society and culture. Therefore, during this period, Japanese companies are used to closing for a week so that their employees can visit their family and take care of their ancestors' graves. It is also a great time of reunion for all generations within families which is something that does not happen very often the rest of the year.

KuSakuraShop will keep managing your orders as usual but our craftsmen will take some days off from Tuesday 11th to Sunday 16th. During this time, orders will naturally be delayed accordingly but this delay is included in the time estimation we provide you when the order is placed. Also, as our workshops are closed for a week, we will not be able to provide you with any quote nor production time for custom-made products.

Mid-August Report

  • The Quizz is definitely over, all participants have been contacted and received their prizes. Now we are currently working on a blog article summarizing the quiz. This article will be available on the KuSakuraShop blog, and if you haven’t had the time to read our other articles yet, we definitely recommend checking them out.

So far, as was July, August seems like a quite exciting month and our team is already getting prepared for September.

We hope to see you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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